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Potential Spider-Man Director Marc Webb is an 'Ultimate' Fan

Not only does he follow Spidey comics, but he thinks Joseph Gordon-Levitt could successfully pull off the role.

Update! Gordon-Levitt has a few words of his own to share with fans. . .
MTV recently spoke with Marc Webb at the Golden GlobeAwards and posed the question if he was indeed a Spidey fan. "Of course," he commented. "Stan Lee, big fan ... love the 'Ultimate [Spider-Man]' stuff. How could you not be a fan of Peter Parker and Spider-Man?."

When asked if his 500 Days of Summer Star star would will make a good Spider-man, Webb said:

"Joseph Gordon-Levitt would make a good Meryl Streep — he can do anything," with a laugh.

All he had to add when asked if we should expect an announcement regarding his next project any time was, "I hope so!"

Update: MTV later caught up with actor Joseph Gordon-Levitt to find out if there was a real connection between him and the new Spider-Man film.

"You and your movie gossip," he laughed. "It's a fun conversation to have with you...It's like a game of chess."

Though he didn't have anything else to add regarding news of the film, Gordon-Levitt expressed how grateful he was just to hear rumors tying him to the project:

"I'm honored and flattered that you would ask me that," he smiled. 

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