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Another DC Comics Villain is headed to Smallville

Odessa Rae Joins as the Silver Banshee

TV.Guide has found some exclusive "Smallville" news, Odessa Rae (Leverage) will be the DC Comics villain Silver Banshee...

The Silver Banshee who first appeared in comic book form in Action Comics #595 (December, 1987) was created by legendary John Byrne. Banshee is a dark vengeful spirit of a fallen Gaelic heroine, just like in the origins in the DC Comic books.

In Smallville, Silver Banshee is accidentally released out of the underworld, and finds herself taking vengeance at a country bed and breakfast that funny enough Lois (Durance) and Clark (Welling) are happening to be staying at.

Odessa Rae will be first appearing as her alter ego Siobhan McDougalis in Episode 16, titled "Escape."

Smallville returns with "Disciple" featuring the debut of Dark Archer (Steve Bacic) this Friday on CW at 8/7c.

Also TV Guide is reporting Wesley MacInnes will be playing DC villain Icicle in an upcoming episode. 

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