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Stan Lee tweets on his thoughts about Disney/Marvel

or in this case movies in General.
So here are Stan "the Man" Lee tweets:

Some of you think Marvel's heroes will be "Disneyfied." No way! Dis is too hip! It's more likely Mickey & Minnie'll be :"Marvelfied!"

It may sound as if I like those Disney guys. Damn straight! I've worked with them. I've worked with Marvel. Couldn't be a better match!

Of course, everything depends on whether I get a cameo in their next "Pirates of the Caribbean!" We may need a write-in campaign!

Okay, now you;'ve probably guessed why want a zillion followers. If each of you writes to every studio demanding a cameo for me--!

Maybe cameos are just the first step. Next comes a supporting role. And then, stardom! See what you're letting yourselves in for?

Y'know, when my name's finally above the title I won't have time to tweet anymore. But I'll never forget the little people I've left behind

Of course, I can always get a ghost-tweeter. Maybe Kevin Smith [] has some free time. But we'll get to that later. Now it's time for- Excelsior

It's a new year but dependable Stan is still the same. Atleast he is thinking big, not only is he expanding his desire to cameo out from Marvel Movies but is now eyeing also for supporting roles.

Some of Stan Lee's Cameos:

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