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Joe Johnston on Captain America

Prepping and Drawing all day
"I've got my next job and I'm not going to worry about the success or the failure of the picture," says Joe Johnston. "I can only use my instincts and say, 'I think this is the best version of that scene. This is the best take. This is the best piece of music for this scene.' And I can't start second-guessing myself and thinking, 'What does the audience want to see? What does the studio think is the best solution for this?' You can't start doing that, because after a while it all becomes a blur and you forget what your original instinct was."

That "next job" is the much-anticipated The First Avenger: Captain America, featuring the Marvel Comics superhero created by Joe Simon and Jack Kirby in 1940 for Marvel's forerunner, Timely Comics.

"We're in prep," Johnston says. "Rick Heinrichs is production-designing and we're set up down in Manhattan Beach [California]. It's the part of the process that I love the most," he enthuses. "We have eight or ten really talented artists, and we all just sit around all day and draw pictures and say, 'Hey, wouldn't it be cool if we could do this?' It's that phase of the production where money doesn't matter: ‘Let's put all the greatest stuff up on the wall and [then later] see what we can afford.'" The film, he says at this early stage, will begin "in 1942, 1943" during World War II. "The stuff in the ’60s and ’70s [comic books] we're sort of avoiding. We're going back to the ’40s, and then forward to what they're doing with Captain America now."

Thanks to FilmJournal for the info.

I've heard some of you say that you are worried that he is directing the Captain America film but I have to say I think he is the right man for the job. I trust him completely and I think his other film, The Wolfman, will be good to. Well hopefully, after The Wolfman is released we will soon have the announcement for who will play the star-spangled Avenger!

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