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Patrick O'Brien Demsey Possibly Joining Thor

According to IMDB, Patrick O'Brien Demsey has joined Marvel's Thor. Check It Out!

Jon Favreau on Rourke, Cheadle and The Avengers!

The director talks about Whiplash, replacing Terrence Howard and further distances himself from The Avengers' directors chair...

Human Target New "Lockdown" Images with Official Description & Special Guest Stars!

The FOX Network has announced that Kevin Weisman (Alias) will be in the February 17 episode "Lockdown," and also guest-starring is Autumn Reeser (The OC), Mitch Pileggi (Skinner from X-Files) and Garcelle Beauvais-Nilon.

Robert Downey dishes Iron Man 2 and Avengers

The actor talks about getting The Avengers right and why the best is yet to come for the armor-clad superhero!

Joe Johnston on Captain America

Prepping and Drawing all day

'Losers' Trailer

Here's the trailer for the adaptation of DC Vertigo's series

Martin Campbell talks more about Green Lantern

Discusses some of the Green Lantern movie rumors that are roaming around.

A good look at supervillain,Icicle, in Smallville's Absolute Justice

...and Uh-oh he has Dr. Fate's Helmet, hopefully the head of fate is not attached.

Smallville's Green Arrow talks about Justice Society and Speedy

And he gets straight to the point!

Leterrier would love to direct marvel's AVENGERS!

He doesn't mind getting his hands on some DC projects as well

Stan LEE reacting on the Spider-man Reboot

Talks AGAIN about his Iron Man 2 cameo.

Incredible Hulk Director on bringing back Edward Norton for the sequel

Louis Leterrier, the director of the more acceptable Hulk movie (Here's looking at your Hulk Ang Lee!), on the possibility of getting his star actor back to play the Green Goliath's alter Ego, Bruce Banner.

Matt Bomer Superman... almost

Before Bryan Singer directed Brandon Routh on Superman Returns, the project of a new Superman were on the hands of Brett Ratner (whom the fans lovingly call - "THE RAT", speaks a lot on how much the fans love this director). and in his version of Superman, he has Matt Bomer to play the role.

Lobo Movie Bumped Back Behind Sherlock Holmes Sequel

I guess a Victorian age Detective is more profitable than Spaceman Bounty Hunter. So says director Guy Ritchie...

Green Lantern Corps Concepts

We know that Hal Jordan will be played by the human looking Ryan Reynolds. But the Green Lantern corps is composed of a lot of alien species. Here are some of the few of the corps members.

Another Teaser Trailer For Smallville: Absolute Justice!

The preview features new footage, including our first glimpse of the Supervillain Icicle, Martian Manhunter's new costume, Hawkman, Dr. Fate and Star Girl...

Kevin Feige Confirms HULK in Avengers in 2012

Green Goliath will be a part of the assembling Avengers

Batman 3 Plot Details?

What me might see on the next adventure of the Dark Knight

AC/DC in Iron Man 2 Soundtrack

A collaboration between Marvel Studios and Columbia Records, AC/DC’s music will heavily be featured in Marvel Studios’ upcoming movie “IRON MAN 2,". Iron Man 2 Footage can be seen In The New AC/DC "Worldwide Video Premiere of “Shoot To Thrill”!

Spider-man Burglar will be in JONAH HEX

"The he did it no he did not" murderer of Uncle Ben in the Marvel's Spider-man movie is jumping Comic Company to play a role on the Distinguish Competition(DC) movie - Jonah Hex. Whose uncle is he killing this time... or not?

Samuel L. Jackson on his role on the upcoming Marvel Movie THOR

"Nobody's told me anything!". Even though his name is on the cast list for Thor, he will of course reprise his role as Nick Fury. To those who are no comicbook geeks the guy that cameo'd at the end of Iron Man movie (though if you're not a comicbook geek chances are you did not wait for the credits to finish - So boo hoo to you!)

Ryan Reynolds talks DEADPOOL

We know that the other Reynolds superflick, Green Lantern, is moving full steam. So the question is what about the other from Marvel, the Merc with the mouth - DEADPOOL.

How Much Of Green Lantern Will Be Set In Space?

Martin Campbell, Director of the Green Lantern movie tries to answer the query.


Speculations abound if whether the exclusive maker of fine statuettes and busts for Marvel Characters, like Iron Man, Hulk and Punisher, have already released the designs for the upcoming Captain America and Thor Movie Costumes

Another DC Comics Villain is headed to Smallville

Odessa Rae Joins as the Silver Banshee

Blake Lively flawless as Carol Ferris in Green Lantern...

says Green Lantern Himself, Ryan Reynolds

No Green Lantern OATH...

.... reciting online, says Green Lantern Himself, Ryan Reynolds.  Most comicbook fans know what I'm talking about.  The oath is an important part of the GL Mythology, so I guess Mr. Reynolds don't really want to spoil it for us.  We just have to wait for the movie.

Kate Mara's character in Iron Man 2 is not Bethany Cabe

Kate Mara responds on the rumors on who she will play in Iron Man 2.

Rumored possible Spider-man replacement talks about the new franchise

Joseph Gordon-Levitt sharing his thoughts on the Superhero reboot

New Human Target "Embassy Row" Teaser

The promotional trailer for "Embassy Row," for the new Mark Valley Starrer series - HUMAN TARGET - which will air on 26 January inside...

Twitternews for THOR

There are a lot of people tweeting about Marvel's God of Thunder, the Mighty THOR! Here ares some of the news.

Disney Star, David Henrie, eyeing Spider-man for the reboot

Has big superhero shoes to fill[if he gests the role], after a great run by Tobey Maguire.

Anthony Hopkins on sporting a beard for Odin in the new Marvel movie THOR!

Comments that the beard makes him look like a certain Scottish comedian.

Amanda Waller back on SMALLVILLE

Pam Grier has this following tweet.

Iron Man 2 Web Site Updated

and IM2 Director, Jon Favreau in the Editing Room

Clive Owen on Kraven the Hunter rumors for Spider-man

The actor has been linked as one of top contender for one of Spider-man's Foe, Kraven the Hunter. What does Clive Owen think about this?

Iron Man 2 to feature the Extremis Armor?

Extremis is a storyline in the comicbooks that transformed Tony Stark in some sort of a Cyborg, which allows him to control the technology around him. Able to use satellite, to spy anywhere on the world. He also gained some sort of healing factor, and he is able to store the basic part of the Iron Man armor in the hollow of his bones thru nanites.

James Franco and Kirsten Dunst on what they think of the Spider-Man Reboot!

Marvel Comics and Columbia Pictures announced just recently that 500 days of summer director, Marc Webb will direct Spider-Man reboot which will find Peter Parker in his high school years.

Hulk Director on the Involvement of the Incredible HULK on the AVENGERS

"If Hulk is a villain, that's too simplistic."

Planet Hulk Official Clip


Green Lantern Director Talks Villains

Director Martin Campbell reveals even more information about the movie's villains in this video interview...

Original post by joshw24

New Iron Man 2 Minimates Reveals Movie Details

Check out these new series of Minimates, that could possibly reveal details around the film.

Original post by MarvelFreshman

Jon Favreau's Secret Weapon is Iron Man's Success

See what sets Tony Stark's story apart from all the other recent comic book movies.

Original post by Dogs of War

Marc Webb to direct the next Spider-man trilogy

I guess Marc Webb is entangled in Spider-man's Webs

S.H.I.E.L.D. Agent Coulson Will Appear in Thor

Clark Gregg, the actor who introduced S.H.I.E.L.D. to mainstream audiences, has signed on to crossover into Kenneth Branagh's Thor.

Original post in CBM

Martin Campbell Says Green Lantern Won't Be A 'Cheesefest'

The director is hard at work to keep a certain amount of realism to the film.

Original Post by Dogs of War

No Superman Cameo In Green Lantern

Director Martin Cambell has shot down the hopes of anyone expecting to see a Hal Jordon/Clark Kent meeting in his upcoming Green Lantern adaptation.

Original Post in CBM

Kenneth Branagh's Thor Update

The director of the upcoming film Thor, has spoken to MTV about it's progress.

Original Post by Ozymandias in CBM

Iron Man 2 in Scoring Process of Editing

According to tweets from director, Jon Favreau himself, and the film's composer, they are in the process of adding music to the film.

Original post by MarvelFreshman in CBM
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