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Disney Star, David Henrie, eyeing Spider-man for the reboot

Has big superhero shoes to fill[if he gests the role], after a great run by Tobey Maguire.
"I think a month ago I saw something pop up on Google Alerts that said, 'David Henrie Might be the Next Spider-Man' and it’s been spreading around ever since,"the 20-year-old told OK! Magazine in Hollywood, "I am just happy to read it."

"I am very blessed that the rumor is even going around and I am very happy about it! That would be a dream role for me."

Henrie however realizes that it will take a lot of work to fill former Peter Parker,Tobey Maguire's shoes, "I love Tobey and I have been watching him forever so I would do whatever it takes to follow him in the role."

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When asked how he'd prepare for a role in Spider-Man should the opportunity present itself he said, "Well I have been involved in martial arts for my whole life and I am very acrobatic, active, and athletic so I would continue to do a lot more of what I have been doing with mixed martial arts."

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