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Iron Man 2 in Scoring Process of Editing

According to tweets from director, Jon Favreau himself, and the film's composer, they are in the process of adding music to the film.

Original post by MarvelFreshman in CBM
With the release of Iron Man 2, and besides the Tv spot during the Superbowl on Feb. 7th, we can expect news to be slow until March & April, when Paramount promotes the film. But until then, check out these tweets from composer John Debney, and Director Jon Favreau, on the status of the editing process.

Jon Favreau

"Got out of Sunday morning scoring session with @JohnDebney in time to watch Jets game. "
about 20 hours ago

John Debney

"Had a successful playback w/Jon and Marvel crew today....6 reels!!! Please everyone text "haiti" to 90999 To donate $10 dollars for Haiti! "
about 15 hours ago 

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