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Thoughts and Questions about the upcoming Big Comic Book Movies

My first question is will Thor be flying?

There is nothing in the trailer that suggests that our God of Thunder is given the ability of flight. Though we could argue that a big portion of the trailer happened when he was casted out and has limited ability but the one where he is in full god mode the nearest we got to flight was his jump to attack somebody. Popular notion is that his flight is due to him throwing Mjolnir and holding on to the Hammer’s thong and let him be carried by it, but Marvel wiki has stated that there are instances that Thor has exhibited the ability of flight without holding on to Mjolnir.

I seem to remember we had the same problem before with Iron Man (before the movie and any footage was shown), there were discussions whether he has the ability of flight as well, and now we see that he indeed does fly. I am just wondering if this is also the case for Thor, whether he will be flying or will he be grounded.

For Captain America will Odin cameo in this movie?

I am not sure whether this has been answered before or confirmed by the movie makers. There were talks of Red Skull raiding one of Odin’s “storage” for the cosmic cube. So, I assume or it would be nice to see a flash back of Odin with the cosmic cube whether a glimpse of him creating it, supervising its creation or just hiding it in his “storage”. I am just saying that an Odin cameo would be nice and will tie the movies together more.

For this years Dark Horse or Black Sheep of a CBM, X-Men : First Class will they try to explain the inconsistencies in their time line?

I really hope they do this, we fans are a stickler for continuity but we are also broad minded and to give us credit can accept even the most preposterous of ideas. Make the explanation canon and we will accept it, the best example of this is Star Trek with their alternate reality hokum, think about it and you say its ridiculous but we accepted it, lauded it as genius some times. They can do this for this franchise as well. Explain away why it feels so different but familiar at the same time.

I even have something in mind for the explanation, one word – Phoenix. Her death in X3 triggered the Phoenix force in creating these alternate realities. I think that is simple and elegant, X-fans are already accustomed to this kind of storytelling with “Days of the Future Past” and “Age of Apocalypse” make it happen in the movieverse and we change our swords to plowshares.

For Green Lantern this is more of a wishful thinking, I am hoping they have Sodam Yat out there with the aliens.

For the mere fact that he is a Daxamite, which in my mind has a strong relation with Kryptonians. Which gives me the slightest of hope that Superman is out there in this universe. DC why do you burden us of not having a shared universe?

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