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Captain America Scene Details

We've seen some set pics from Captain America the other day now we have some details from an 
extra in the movie. 

The first day we were on set we were filming a scene set in Nazi occupied Italy, where a group of POWs are marched back into camp by Captain America, and a few other guys. One of the guys was played by Neal McDonough, from Desperate Housewives, and there were a couple more. One Japanese guy and one other. Everyone was in normal military uniform, and Chris Evans was wearing military trousers, and a leather jacket, with the Captain America top underneath.

The whole day we filmed different views of the troops marching in. As we were marching, we walked past tanks and trucks with a logo with a skull and octopus legs on it. 

At the end of the day, we shot a scene where we all crowded around Chris Evans. Hayley Atwell, in a nurse’s outfit came over and spoke very quietly to him. I asked, but no one heard what she said. After that, Tommy Lee Jones came over, said ‘Faith, huh!’ and walked off.

The second day we filmed the USO show, around the stage in your video. It was pretty boring, but we did get to see Chris Evans in the Captain America costume. 
They’ve gone for a 1940s style, with a padded top, little blue shorts, blue leggings and red boots.

My God! No wonder ol Steve does a runner. Well we know Atwell is playing Peggy Carter, McDonough is Dum Dum Duggan, Jones is Col Philips. Could the other unnamed soldier be Sebastian Stan(Bucky?). No clue about the Japanese dude. Maybe some of you Cap fans could hazard a guess. 

Interview with "Lady Sif" from Marvel Movie THOR

Here's an interview done by ComicBookMovie Contributor:

Pietro Filipponi: You're no stranger to the action genre, but would you consider THOR to be a step above the other projects you've worked on to date?

Jaimie Alexander: It most certainly was was step above, I've always loved action movies and am so grateful to be a part of this one.

PF: How long were you on set filming Thor, and how would you sum up your overall experience?

JA: Well, I began training [for my role] in October of 2009 and we started filming in January 2010.. We filmed all the way through.

PF: How intensively did you did you have to train for your role? What would you say was the most difficult part of production?

JA: The training was rough, I trained around 2 to 3 hours everyday.. Weight lifting, cardio, and [sometimes] yoga. The stunt training was my favorite! Learning weaponry skills and such.. I'd say fighting in my hero costume was the toughest part of all. It was rather restricting in certain areas and quite heavy.

PF: How was it like being in that armor day after day?

JA: The armor was rough to wear sometimes but very beautiful. I've never seen costumes so elaborate in detail.. So incredible.

PF: We saw a bit of you in action during the Comic Con footage, what would you say is Sif's weapon of choice in the film?

JA: Well, she has three [different weapons], but I can't tell you what they are just yet.

PF: Even though her proper name is Lady Sif, would you say the character is considered 'one of the guys'?

JA: She most definitely is "one of the guys".. She's a very talented, skilled warrior and can stand on her own against any villain in the film.

PF: Definitely as tough as in the comics, but there's also a softer side to her. How would you categorize her relationship with Thor (Chris Hemsworth) in the film?

JA: She is very loyal to Thor and cares a lot about protecting him and protecting Asgard.. As for a possible love relationship you'll just have to wait and see the movie. My lips are sealed!

PF: Three words to describe the film version of Sif. Go!

JA: Hmm.. Stoic, intense, powerful.

PF: Did you get to sneak any souvenirs away from the set?

JA: Just memories.. Good memories [laughs]

PF: What was your favorite part of filming and what do you most look forward to seeing in the theatrical release of the film?

JA: My favorite part of filming was showing up every morning seeing the people I work with and the smiles on their faces. We had an incredible cast and crew and I miss them all the time.

I'm [looking forward] to seeing the finished product come to life.. We all worked so hard and I believe it will show.

PF: What are you working on between Marvel projects and when can we expect to see you don the Sif armor again?

JA: I just finished shooting an independent film called Loosies with Peter Facinelli, it was such a great experience. I'm looking forward to it's release next year. If THOR does well, you will definitely see more of Sif on the big screen.

"Emma Frost" drops out X-Men: First Class

Several weeks ago, Marvel confirmed a rumored casting announcement that actress Alice Eve (She's Out Of My League) had been contracted to portray Emma Frost, the White Queen, in FOX Studios' X-Men: First Class. General audiences were introduced to the telepathic mutant Frost in X-Men Origins: Wolverine, where she was portrayed by relatively unknown actress Tahyna Tozzi.

As of last night, though, Ms. Eve's association to Matthew Vaughn's X-franchise prequel was dismissed by Their scoop proclaimed actress January Jones, AMC's Mad Men starlet, has now taken over the role of Frost.

So what happened to Alice Eve? My sources within Marvel Studios have just told me Ms. Eve and her management team successfully petitioned to have FOX release her from her X-Men: First Class contract. This change of heart on the actress' part was apparently due to her displeasure with recent script changes, and it was in her best interest to leave the project.

This is the second Marvel movie role the actress had been recently associated with, the first being the character Peggy Carter in Captain America: The First Avenger. Fans of Ms. Eve, many of whom believe she is a perfect fit for almost any female superhero role, need not fret. FOX is still interested in placing her into one of their films: Fantastic Four Reborn, as the character Sue Storm/the Invisible Woman.

If that wasn't enough to keep her fans satiated, this next bit of information certainly will: Marvel Studio wishes to include her in their ensemble superhero film, The Avengers, as a villain. The role, albeit minor, would serve to tie together another of their properties; since the villainous character is most notably featured in Thor comic story lines. Though the role has yet to be given a name, fans of the character should undoubtedly be able to pinpoint who it is.

Captain America First Set Footage and Pictures

Although they dont reveal anything new, here are some more close-up shots of the movie set in Surrey as well as a few more details about the filming that took place there last week... 

HeyUGuys have posted a series of pictures from the Surrey set and some interesting info about the filming that took place there. According to their report, "...we managed to find out that during filming there were at least 2 Sherman tanks, multiple jeeps, loads of old fashioned cars and various other armoured personnel carriers." It certaintly sounds like there was a lot going on at this site. As filming is scheduled to start in Manchester and Liverpool (as well as the rumoured location of Caerwent) we'll hopefully get some more pictures lke these in the coming weeks!

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

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Maggie Gylenhaal on Batman and Green Lantern

Maggie briefly talks about how her husband, Peter Sarsgaard, looks as the villainous Hector Hammond and ponders the chances of her character returning in Batman 3...

"I don’t know what exactly influenced him, but we were there on that set some and that movie looks like it’s going to be really good." she said in a recent interview with MTV News. "He looks great in it."

"I don’t know," she said when asked if her character would return for any sort of cameo or flashback in Nolan's next batman movie. "I died, so..."

Avenger movie director shares his input with the Captain America movie

"I just got to make some character connections," explains Whedon. "The structure of the thing was really tight and I loved it, but there were a couple of opportunities to find his voice a little bit — and some of the other characters — and make the connections so that you understood exactly why he wanted to be who he wanted to be. And progressing through the script to flesh it out a little bit."

"It's fun in this case," offers Whedon, "because, A, they'll actually use the things I wrote, which is rare; and, B, it's a fun puzzle to go in and say, 'Okay, this is what works, this is what needs to be connected, and here are some key moments.' Then the third thing is that it takes place in the '40s, so I got to write '40s dialogue, and that's never not fun!"

Chris Hemsworth the man who will be Thor talks about his Character, Costume And Hammer!

On Competing With His Brother For The Role:

"Liam and I both auditioned for it, funny enough. I had an audition, didn't hear anything. The next minute I heard they were flying Liam over to meet Kenneth and he was down to the last four guys, and I was like, 'What?' And then I got another phone call from Branagh and was like, 'Shit, Liam. What worked, what didn't? Tell me what he said! I got some advice, and we are."

On The Costume:

"The costume a big heavy chain mail, leather costume. But when it's me, it's me. I put on 20 pounds and then lost a lot of it since then purely from not eating as much."

On The Pressure Of Playing A Character Like Thor:

"There's a lot of pressure with something that's existed for so many years before you were involved and already has a fan base, but you don't let it affect the way you approach the film. For me, I approached it as you do it the best you can, whether it's a small film or something big like this. It's exciting and daunting."

On Thor's Personality In The Movie:

"It's an ongoing battle, taming this berserk warrior that's in him. Certainly that's a big part of this film. He still has to be that warrior, that's what makes him Thor. But also, you don't want to watch a guy onscreen for too long that's a jerk all the time. You can have moments of it, 'hey, that's kind of cool, and bad', but then it just gets old."

On Wielding Mjolnir:

"It has this big huge head on it, and a tiny little handle. The fighting becomes very gritty, kind of street-fighting sort of stuff at times. Thor just happens to have a big ole Hammer in his hands, as well."

On Whether He Took The Hammer Home With Him:

"I did ...nah, well, not officially. I mean, I certainly talked to a lot of people about it...but I forgot to take it!"

A few more casts for X-Men first class.

Report from Deadline..

20th Century Fox has rounded out the cast of X-Men: First Class, and the big surprise is that Mad Men star January Jones has been signed to play the role of Emma Frost, the gorgeous mutant with telepathic powers.

At the same time, director Matthew Vaughn has set Zoe Kravitz to play Angel, Jason Flemyng will play Azazel, the father of Nightcrawler; Bill Milner to play the young version of Magneto (Michael Fassbender), and Morgan Lily to play the Young Raven.

we  assume Deadline meant Storm..more on that in the update below. Anyway, there is also the change over from Alice Eve to Mad Men's  January Jones. It was widely believed that Eve was official but apparently no deal was ever signed. Also some extra casting of the young Magneto(Bill Milner) in there too. Kravitz(daughter of Lenny) has previously appeared in No Reservations and The Brave One. Milner is a young English actor you may recognize if you happened to see the pretty damn good Son Of Rambow. Awww, ickle Magneto and Mystique! Now taking bets on the next character to get the diaper treatment.

Update: Ok, its been brought to my attention that Kravitz could be playing a different Angel altogether, Angel Salvador(Tempest;..another word for Storm, Thanks P862010 ). Stay tuned until we get to the bottom of this anyway!

Robert Rodriguez (Sin City) Contemplates Directing Deadpool!

Last week Rob Liefeld sent the Deadpool fan base into a backspin with his tweets regarding the much anticipated Deadpool film.

Now, John Horn for the LA Times Hero Complex is reporting that he talked with Robert Rodriguez on Monday and Rodriguez is still deciding on whether or not he will direct the Deadpool film. Roriguez has reportedly been in meetings with Twentieth Century Fox about directing and had this to say about the screenplay “It’s a great script and a great property."

This from Hero Complex...

Rodriguez, who just finished the final sound mix of "Machete," sounded gung ho about "Deadpool" but added that he is still debating his next project. “I’m just working everything out,” Rodriguez said, noting that he is choosing between three options for his next directing job. He said one is the long-discussed "Sin City 2" but he declined to name the other, though it could be "Nerveracker," a far-future thriller that was announced last year but hasn't moved as quickly as anticipated. 

"Loki" Actor Talks About Asgard and Jotunheim Sets!

MTV chatted with Tom Hiddleston who will portray Loki in the upcoming Marvel movie THOR at this years Comic Con. Here are the interesting things he has to say about the sets of both Asgard and Jotunheim.

"The Asgard sets were like walking through a futuristic palace. They'd matched the size of the spaces to the size of the studio, so it felt like you were walking through the gorgeous palaces of a shining city in the sky."

"I actually loved Jotunheim,"
he said. "It was the first set we were on. Jotunheim is where the Frost Giants live, who are the mortal enemies of Asgardians."

"It's basically a planet that is made of ice. If you can picture any alpine region like the French Alps or the Rockies or something — it's kind of like that on acid, it's just bigger and spikier and I loved all that. They had really realistic ice flows and snow and mountains and dripping water."

Hiddleston also hinted that he got to see some action while on the Jotunheim set...

"That was when I pulled out some of my big moves."

Hawksblueyes: I can't help but get more excited about this movie every time I see something new.

Mark Strong talks about his character Sinestro in the Green Lantern Movie, as well as the other alien Green Lanterns (Tomar-Re & Kilowog)

Green Lantern fans has been privy to the first images of Mark Strong as Sinestro, as well as CGI renderings of Lantern Corps members Tomar-Re and Kilowog. In a brief interview with MTV News, Strong talks about his role in the film:

"[Most of my scenes are in space], indeed, which is why I've come in at the end of shooting. Because now we've moved into the studio and into blue screen — obviously not green screen, because Green Lantern would disappear! We're in blue screen, and most of [my work takes place] in space."

Regarding his thoughts about the alien designs he has seen so far:

"Tomar-Re is in [the movie] and it's an amazing look — kind of half-bird and half-fish. Kilowog is in it and he's a massive, great, big bulldog kind of character. There are others, too, but I won't ruin it."

Of course, fans don't have to wait any longer to see these Green Lantern characters for themselves. Simply follow the links above to get a look at both Tomar-Re and Kilowog.

X-Men: First Class gets another cast in the guise of a young Mystique!

"XMF reports that American child actress Morgan Lily (2012) has joined the rapidly-growing cast of Matthew Vaughn's X-Men: First Class as young Mystique."
Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Morgan Lily (born April 11, 2000) is an American child actress. She started modeling internationally at four years old and appeared in more than 21 television commercials. Since then, she's had supporting roles in He's Just Not That Into You, as Matthew Gray Gubler's daughter in Pornstar, and as Lilly Curtis in the apocalyptic film 2012.

Other cast members already announced include James McAvoy, Michael Fassbender, Rose Byrne, Alice Eve, Kevin Bacon, Nicholas Hoult, Caleb Landry Jones, Jennifer Lawrence, Lucas Till, Edi Gathegi, Jason Flemyng and Oliver Platt.

X-Men: First Class is set to be released on June 3, 2011!

Another image for an alien Green Lantern surfaces.

Possible first look at a CGI rendering of Tomar-Re, Hal Jordan's spiritual guide, in the DC comics adaptation Green Lantern. Is this what the character will look like in the finished film?

When the live-action Green Lantern film hits theaters next summer, audiences will not only be introduced to the character Hal Jordan (portrayed by Ryan Reynolds), but his "support staff" of alien Lantern Corps members who help him learn the ways of patrolling the universe. The most important three being Thaal Sinestro, Hal's mentor, Kilowog, his drill instructor, and Tomar-Re, who has been dubbed by the film's production department as Hal's 'spiritual guide.'

According to DC comics mythology: Tomar-Re was a scientist on the planet Xudar before joining the Green Lantern Corps. He became a pivotal member of the Corps, training new members and serving in the Honor Guard. He was close friends with Abin Sur, Green Lantern of neighboring sector 2814 and was the first Lantern Corps member to meet his replacement, Hal Jordan.

Someone from the Captain America shares his thought about the suit.

Patrick Currier, an actor portraying a soldier in the fictitious US Army Camp Lehigh for Marvel Studios' Captain America movie, has been keeping fans updated on the progress of production. Recently, Currier sent out a series of messages concerning one of the latest scenes he was involved in. Via his Twitter account 

- Shooting a rally scene today & saw the 1940's cap costume. It's ermmmm... Suprising? I think it will change throughout the flick. 

- Basically costume looked shit! Tights etc ala Adam West era Batman. However, found out for def that it improves loads! 

- Apparently he starts out in a rubbish suit (on purpose) and then it gets upgraded to a badass one. Phew! I feared the worst! 

- Can I add that Chris Evans seems like a super nice guy. He was joking with us and chatting in between takes. Kept up morale. 

- ...All the more sad that we basically just had to bully him all day for the scene. 

X-Men: First Class casts Jason Flemyng as Azazel's reports that Jason Flemyng is set to take on the role of Azazel in X-Men: First Class. Flemyng told the BFU movie Con crowd in London that his character would have a lot of make up and a post production tail much like Calibos whom he portrayed in Clash of the Titans.

Flemying joins a cast that includes James McAvoy, Michael Fassbender,Nicholas Hoult, Rosamund Pike, Kevin Bacon, Jennifer Lawrence, Lucas Till, Edi Gathegi, Caleb Laundry Jones, Morgan Lily and Alice Eve. X-Men: First Class Will be directed by Matthew Vaughn and should hit theaters June 20011.

Marvel wiki:

Azazel claimed he was one of the oldest mutants, part of a group of demonic-looking mutants called the Neyaphem. He even claimed that he once battled Mephisto and others for the title of "Satan". The Neyaphem were banished by another group of mutants with angelic appearances. Azazel seemed convinced thatAngel (Warren Worthington) was a modern version of that group.

The Avengers Director Speaks

Joss Whedon talks about casting  Mark Ruffalo as the Bruce Banner, and the other casts of Marvel's Mightiest Heroes

Here is just a portion from

And Mark [Ruffalo], what makes him the perfect Hulk?

Joss Whedon:
"To me, I wanted Mark because he connects with you. He is a guy who you feel that he is you and he reaches out to you in a way that I don't feel the performances as Banner have really done. And this also has to do with the way the narrative works, but I feel I wanted to come at Banner and The Hulk visually from a new place. And I wanted somebody that had the quality that Mark has which is somebody who has taken hits from life but is not defined by that. He's taken a hit and he stood back up. He's not thinking about himself necessarily. Mark is a very giving guy and actor. When he looks at me onscreen I'm like, 'That's me. That's the guy.' And he's like that as a person. And just talking to him about The Hulk I learned so much more about the character of Bruce Banner than I had ever even thought of. It was an instinct I thought no one would support. The studio were completely into it. Robert Downey Jr was super supportive. And you know everybody welcomed him into the fold and I was so excited because, to me, he's going to be the first Banner."

You're going to have to balance all these personalities and all these characters, and make it so that the fans are really going to appreciate it, how tough is that?

Joss Whedon:
"You know, in a way it's tough and in a way it's the easiest thing in the world because that's what the movie's about. These people don't belong together. There's friction, there;s tension, there's drama... Oh, wait, I need that for my storytelling so it's perfect. There's no reason that this crew should be together except that we need them to be. And so I got very excited by this because of how odd it is."

If you had a chance to actually do more casting of it, do you think the casting that's in place is exactly who you would have chosen for each role?

Joss Whedon:
"Oh hells yeah. I'd like to say that I came up with [Jeremy] Renner but they had Renner in their sights. I spent weeks - because it didn't look like that was going to happen - I spent weeks trying to think of somebody else and I couldn't get him out of my head. I'd try and make lists and they're like - it looked like I was getting married. 'Jeremy Renner, Jeremy Renner, Jeremy Renner, Jeremy Renner. Mrs Josh Renner.' It was like I had a crush. They just nail it. It's one of the things I love about Marvel. They take chances. It doesn't seem like Robert Downey was a chance, but at the time he was. And the first time I saw Kevin Feige after he cast him I was like, 'Congratulations on being so smart.'"

We haven't seen Chris Evans and we haven't seen Chris Hemsworth, so what can we expect out of those two?

Joss Whedon:
"Well you know Chris is a really sweet, decent guy who's really excited to be playing a really sweet, decent guy. You know, they both have the qualities of the person. Chris Hemsworth is obviously...he's not as arrogant as Thor, but he is as tall. And you know he does sort of wake up every day going, 'The world is mine. How nice. Look at all the tiny people.' I mean, he's a dear. He's a sweet, sweet boy but at the same time, he's bigger and handsomer than a person is. So they bring the qualities. Obviously they've got acting chops, but they inhabit the parts and that makes it so much more exciting." 

"X-Men: First Class" gets another cast.

Actress Rose Byrne ("Troy") is reported to be in negotiations with 20th Century Fox to join the cast of the upcoming prequel "X-Men: First Class". The Hollywood Reporter website is reporting that Byrne will be playing famed scientist Dr. Moira MacTaggert, who was previously played by Olivia Williams in "X-Men: The Last Stand". They are also stating she will be a love interest for Professor X (James McAvoy). 

Marvel wiki:
Dr. Moira MacTaggert is the daughter of the powerful Scots nobleman Lord Kinross. She proved to be a brilliant student of the biological sciences and selected genetics as her specialty. Moira married Joseph MacTaggert, a Royal Marine Commando with political ambitions. But this marriage proved to be a disastrous one. 

As a college student she met Charles Xavier, who was working toward a doctorate at Oxford University. The two fell in love with each other immediately and their romance lasted for years. Eventually they became engaged to be married, pending the annulment of her own marriage to Joseph MacTaggert. But then Xavier was drafted into the military. She promised to wait until he was released from military service. However, while he was recovering in a hospital from battlefield injuries, Xavier received a letter from Moira breaking off their engagement without explanation and stating that she was returning to Scotland.

First Look at Green Lantern Bzzd

It has been reported that thousands of Green Lantern Corps members will cameo in next summer's live action superhero adaptation, of DC's Green Lantern. At least two dozen alien Lanterns will have center stage roles; one of which is Bzzd. For those who aren't familiar with the character, here's a brief bio: Although Bzzd was no bigger then a housefly, his tremendous willpower allowed him to be a capable fighter in the Green Lantern Corps. Bzzd's power was evident in his penchant for creating constructs that were massive in scope when compared to his diminutive size, like locomotives and full scale roller coasters. 

And here is your first (albeit unfinished) look at the character, who happens to be a favorite of the film's director, Martin Campbell: 

X-Men: First Class Starts Shooting In Three Weeks According To Its Writer

At London's Movie Con Jane Goldman confirmed that X-Men: First Class will start shooting soon.

“I think it’s in my contract that I actually get killed if I say much. It’s going really well and I am very excited. I watched a bunch of pre-viz yesterday and went home feeling so excited. We start shooting in about three weeks. We have an incredible cast and we’re all very excited. When I came to visit this set the other day, they’re across Pinewood, and there were X-Men people walking around in bathrobes.”

Marvel's Ant-Man a hi-tech secret agent in his movie

Long attached director Edgar Wright(Scott Pilgrim) gives us a little insight into his take on Ant-Man for his feature outing.  Here is an excerpt from that interview:

Vanity Fair: You’ve been working on the comic book adaptation for a while. Is it ever actually going to happen?

Edgar Wright: I hope so, yeah. I’ve written a script, and once Scott Pilgrim is done I’m going to work on a second draft. It’s something I’ve been passionate about for awhile.

VF:Yeah, but ... Ant Man? Seriously? Isn’t he like Aqua Man with lower self-esteem?

EW:Not at all! I had a copy of the Tales to Astonish comic from the early 60s, which has his origin story. And I’ve been a fan ever since. I think it’s a really interesting high-concept idea.

VF:You’re an amazing director, Edgar, but I don’t know how this is going to work. I mean… Ant Man? The guy who becomes an ant? Isn’t that like trying to stop a mob boss with a box full of kittens?

EW:I know there’s a big stigma attached to it, mostly because every movie about shrinking has been about people in peril. I think it’d be great to do a shrinking film about a bad-ass secret agent.

VF:Okay, I see what you mean. I was thinking along the lines of Honey I Shrunk The Kids.

EW:Even something like The Incredible Shrinking Man, which is a fantastic film, is about a guy in trouble. But this is going to be nothing like that. It’s essentially a high-tech spy heist film with somebody with a very particular power.

VF:The awesome power ... of an ant!

EW:Trust me, it’ll be much cooler than you think.

'Abin Sur' Set Piece In Green Lantern Movie

Visiting the Warner Bros. lot, Johnny Whiteshoes of Geek Tyrant described what he saw being, "a big Green Lantern party going on', which was most likely the celebration for the studio recently wrapping up on Martin Campbell's much anticipated Green Lantern film. The photographer there was nice enough to share a photo with Johnny of Abin Sur (Temuera Morrison), which we've seen several times including at last month's San Diego Comic-Con, but not like this.

Starring Ryan Reynolds (Hal Jordan), Blake Lively( Carol Ferris), Peter Sarsgaard (Hector Hammond), Mark Strong (Sinestro), Tim Robbins( Senator Hammond), and Angela Bassett (Dr. Amanda Waller), Green Lantern forces into theaters June 17, 2011.

Tom Hiddleston On His Mischievous Performance In Marvel's THOR

Would you say the dynamic between Thor and Loki is a love, hate type of relationship?
Entirely. I think Loki grows up with an older brother who he loves and respects. They play, they banter and they bash each other about, but there is a latent jealousy. Craig Kyle – one of our producers – always used to talk about the analogy of the quarterback and the artist. Thor is the quarterback. He’s a chip off the old block and he’s just like his dad. Loki’s problem is, maybe not his problem, but [that] he’s more drawn to the powers of intellect, magic, and the dark arts.

He’s not going to be out in the fields throwing a hammer around. That’s just not where his passion lies. There’s a disconnect with Odin and there’s a disconnect with Thor. He loves them very much, but he’s not just made of the same stalk. In the course of the film there’s a big reveal both for Loki and the audience about the truth of Loki’s true lineage and who his real parents are. I think that begets any jealous that was within him towards Thor develops into a dark, cancerous rage that then becomes a destructive rage.

Did that help you find a truth with Loki rather than just playing the straight, typical and easy bad guy?
He’s certainly not an anarchist who wants to burn the house down. I think he has an inner conviction. He loves a practical joke, he loves mischief and he loves playing around. He loves starting a bonfire in the next room and hearing people scream, but nobody would be killed. After he finds out his whole life has been a lie and that he doesn’t belong anywhere there’s a very truthful psychological root that you could see is motivated by pain.

He’s motivated by an anger and by being left out in the cold. He doesn’t seem to have anyone that loves him or truly appreciates him. Essentially, he’s competing with Thor for the love and acceptance from Odin as a son. Maybe [it's] a huge sci-fi, fantastical epic set in the norse heaven of Asgard, but when you boil it down it’s a story about a dad and two boys. Those two boys are warring for that father’s love and that’s where the villainy, aggression and rage comes from.

Could you talk a bit about the tone of your performance and how the costume itself affects it? It is a very extravagant look.
The tone of my performance… I suppose the tone of my performance is up to Kenneth [Branagh] right now (laughs). He hasn’t finished cutting it up, but I gave him lots of options and I gave him a lot of relish with that mischief is glee and that [there's] a real twinkle in his eye that he takes in being a badass, as you guys are fond of saying.

There’s a vulnerability there to show that this guy is hurting deeply inside. It’s funny, with the performance in the costume I found myself quite often on my own sometimes on set. Quite often in the scenes Loki is off with an energy on his own. There’s a lot of banter going on with the warriors three, Sif, and actually, Loki is not a part of that. Oddly, during the shooting of it I’d find myself in my own little world cooking up a particular flavor, but a particular type of flavor.

Hiddleston starring alongside Chris Hemsworth (Thor), Anthony Hopkins (Odin), Ray Stevenson (Volstagg), and Natalie Portman (Jane Foster), THOR storms into theaters in 3D May 6, next summer.

Details of Green Lantern Movie Villains Revealed

Major Plot Spoiler Warning! Want to know more about the two villains in DC's Green Lantern live action film? Follow the jump to read all about them...

Several days ago, it was revealed that the comic book character Krona will be featured in the Green Lantern movie. According to DC comic canon, Krona's selfish actions are what caused the creation of the "multiverse;" or, parallel universes. Many fans began to wonder whether the inclusion of Krona into the film's story would lead to a similar explanation of DC's movie-verse; and thus, tie their superhero properties together.


- Krona becomes the first "host" to Parallax, by way of the Yellow Power Battery. This takes place as a prologue of the film.

- Parallax doesn't just feed off of fear, it rips the souls out of it's victims; leaving dried "husks" of the corpses.

- Parallax/Krona attacks Abin Sur's ship, which causes him to crash land on Earth and die.

- While performing an autopsy on the corpse of Abin Sur, Hector Hammond becomes infected by a fragment of Parallax which causes him to gain exponential telepathic and telekinetic powers.

- Hammond attacks Hal Jordan and Carol Ferris (whom he harbors feelings towards) at the Ferris airfield hanger, a similar scene to the one in the Green Lantern Secret Origins comic; the difference being that Hammond wants Hal's Green Lantern ring.

- Hammond is ultimately killed by Parallax, who absorbs his soul in the manner mentioned above.

- Parallax fights Hal Jordan and Carol Ferris on Earth. The fight is unevenly matched until other members of the Green Lantern Corps arrive.

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The Dark Knight-Party Scene Spoof

Spoof of the party crashing scene from The Dark Knight.

The Dark Knight- Joker Interrogation Scene Spoof

Alternate take of Batman and the Joker's first conversation in The Dark Knight.

Kevin Feige On Hiring Joss Whedon

"I've known Joss for many years. We were looking for the right thing and he came in and met on it, as you've already heard him say on his panels. He's incredibly intelligent, he's got great things to say about it. And if you look at the directors we've worked with, we hire directors who have the potential to do great things and we want our film to be that great thing." 

"Whether it's Branagh who of course has done some great things, whether it's Favreau, who did some fun movies prior to 'Iron Man,' we want to find a director that's on the verge of doing something great, as we think Joss is." 
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