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Someone from the Captain America shares his thought about the suit.

Patrick Currier, an actor portraying a soldier in the fictitious US Army Camp Lehigh for Marvel Studios' Captain America movie, has been keeping fans updated on the progress of production. Recently, Currier sent out a series of messages concerning one of the latest scenes he was involved in. Via his Twitter account 

- Shooting a rally scene today & saw the 1940's cap costume. It's ermmmm... Suprising? I think it will change throughout the flick. 

- Basically costume looked shit! Tights etc ala Adam West era Batman. However, found out for def that it improves loads! 

- Apparently he starts out in a rubbish suit (on purpose) and then it gets upgraded to a badass one. Phew! I feared the worst! 

- Can I add that Chris Evans seems like a super nice guy. He was joking with us and chatting in between takes. Kept up morale. 

- ...All the more sad that we basically just had to bully him all day for the scene. 

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