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A few more casts for X-Men first class.

Report from Deadline..

20th Century Fox has rounded out the cast of X-Men: First Class, and the big surprise is that Mad Men star January Jones has been signed to play the role of Emma Frost, the gorgeous mutant with telepathic powers.

At the same time, director Matthew Vaughn has set Zoe Kravitz to play Angel, Jason Flemyng will play Azazel, the father of Nightcrawler; Bill Milner to play the young version of Magneto (Michael Fassbender), and Morgan Lily to play the Young Raven.

we  assume Deadline meant Storm..more on that in the update below. Anyway, there is also the change over from Alice Eve to Mad Men's  January Jones. It was widely believed that Eve was official but apparently no deal was ever signed. Also some extra casting of the young Magneto(Bill Milner) in there too. Kravitz(daughter of Lenny) has previously appeared in No Reservations and The Brave One. Milner is a young English actor you may recognize if you happened to see the pretty damn good Son Of Rambow. Awww, ickle Magneto and Mystique! Now taking bets on the next character to get the diaper treatment.

Update: Ok, its been brought to my attention that Kravitz could be playing a different Angel altogether, Angel Salvador(Tempest;..another word for Storm, Thanks P862010 ). Stay tuned until we get to the bottom of this anyway!

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