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"Loki" Actor Talks About Asgard and Jotunheim Sets!

MTV chatted with Tom Hiddleston who will portray Loki in the upcoming Marvel movie THOR at this years Comic Con. Here are the interesting things he has to say about the sets of both Asgard and Jotunheim.

"The Asgard sets were like walking through a futuristic palace. They'd matched the size of the spaces to the size of the studio, so it felt like you were walking through the gorgeous palaces of a shining city in the sky."

"I actually loved Jotunheim,"
he said. "It was the first set we were on. Jotunheim is where the Frost Giants live, who are the mortal enemies of Asgardians."

"It's basically a planet that is made of ice. If you can picture any alpine region like the French Alps or the Rockies or something — it's kind of like that on acid, it's just bigger and spikier and I loved all that. They had really realistic ice flows and snow and mountains and dripping water."

Hiddleston also hinted that he got to see some action while on the Jotunheim set...

"That was when I pulled out some of my big moves."

Hawksblueyes: I can't help but get more excited about this movie every time I see something new.

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