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Chris Hemsworth the man who will be Thor talks about his Character, Costume And Hammer!

On Competing With His Brother For The Role:

"Liam and I both auditioned for it, funny enough. I had an audition, didn't hear anything. The next minute I heard they were flying Liam over to meet Kenneth and he was down to the last four guys, and I was like, 'What?' And then I got another phone call from Branagh and was like, 'Shit, Liam. What worked, what didn't? Tell me what he said! I got some advice, and we are."

On The Costume:

"The costume a big heavy chain mail, leather costume. But when it's me, it's me. I put on 20 pounds and then lost a lot of it since then purely from not eating as much."

On The Pressure Of Playing A Character Like Thor:

"There's a lot of pressure with something that's existed for so many years before you were involved and already has a fan base, but you don't let it affect the way you approach the film. For me, I approached it as you do it the best you can, whether it's a small film or something big like this. It's exciting and daunting."

On Thor's Personality In The Movie:

"It's an ongoing battle, taming this berserk warrior that's in him. Certainly that's a big part of this film. He still has to be that warrior, that's what makes him Thor. But also, you don't want to watch a guy onscreen for too long that's a jerk all the time. You can have moments of it, 'hey, that's kind of cool, and bad', but then it just gets old."

On Wielding Mjolnir:

"It has this big huge head on it, and a tiny little handle. The fighting becomes very gritty, kind of street-fighting sort of stuff at times. Thor just happens to have a big ole Hammer in his hands, as well."

On Whether He Took The Hammer Home With Him:

"I did ...nah, well, not officially. I mean, I certainly talked to a lot of people about it...but I forgot to take it!"

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