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Kate Mara's character in Iron Man 2 is not Bethany Cabe

Kate Mara responds on the rumors on who she will play in Iron Man 2.
It was announced some time last year, that Kate Mara would be joining the star-studded cast, of Iron Man 2. But her role is being kept a secret, so it must be big. Anyhow people jumped quickly into believing she'll play Bethany Cabe, who is a love interest to Tony Stark, in the comics. Well she finally has spoken on the rumors, in an interview with Movieline.

“I’m not playing Bethany Cabe,” she said as soon as I brought up the film. So how did the talk get started?

“Who knows!” Mara said.“I think Bethany Cabe in the comic book has red hair and they were like, well, Kate must be playing her.” Still, don’t get her wrong:“I am in Iron Man 2. I’m only in one scene, though, and it’s not Bethany Cabe.”

Who, then? Mara demurred. “Just check it out. I did it because they were like, ‘Do you want to work with Robert Downey Jr. and Jon Favreau?’ I was like, ‘I’ll say one word and I’m fine!’ So there you go.”

MarvelFreshman: I really thought she would be Bethany considering the secrecy of her role, because she looks just like her. I really thought she would be a member of SHIELD, if not Bethany Cabe, considering when she was announced, it was alongside Clark Gregg as Agent Coulson. What Do you think?

UPDATE: Actress Kate Mara has now spoken to MTV, and shares a little more info than before.

"Despite her vow of silence, Mara did reveal certain details, like the fact that her scene involves both Robert Downey Jr. and Jon Favreau as Tony Stark and Happy Hogan, respectively. Additionally, she confirmed that her role had something to do with law enforcement.

"It's something like that," she grinned."

Check out the full interview, in the video below.

Original post by MARVEL FRESHMAN

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