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THOR will be recognizable in his movie to comicbook fans

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THOR writer Ashley Miller says the THOR movie will be close to the comic!!!
Ashley Miller (co-writer of the upcoming Thor movie) was interviewed Thursday on Alpha Waves Radio. Durring the interview he talked about various projects he is involved in, but the one we all want to know about is the Thor movie that is currently in production.

Here is the portion of the interview that covers Thor.

Translating a comic book to the big screen is tough, and sometimes changes have to be made, just as they will be for "Thor."

"It's about as close as you can reasonably expect it to be" to the comic book, Miller said. "Obviously, you have to make some adjustments, and you have to compress some things simply for the sake of being able to get a lot of information out and being able to create a believable fantasy world that intersects with ours."

Thor, however, has a long history, and fans will come to the theater with all kinds of different expectations that will be impossible to meet. Miller and the writing crew for "Thor" pulled aspects of the characters from various comic book interpretations, and while Thor may not be in-line with any particular comic book incarnation, he will be "100 percent recognizable" to fans.

"Look at 'Batman Begins' for example," Miller said. "It does actually play fast and loose with the history of the character, but at the same time, it brings in real cool elements from different intrepretations of the character and puts them all together in cool ways."

There will be criticism of the project no matter what Miller, Branagh and the rest of the production team do. But Miller already has accepted it.

"I want people who love the character as much as I do to love this character in this movie, and I want people who have never been exposed to this character to love him, too, and understand why I love him," Miller said. "And that's all that matters."

Thor just continues to sound better and better to me. I just hope this steady stream of good news connected to the movie doesn't raise my expectations to unattainable hieghts.

What do you think?

Original Post by HAWKSBLUEEYES, read it here

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