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Clive Owen on Kraven the Hunter rumors for Spider-man

The actor has been linked as one of top contender for one of Spider-man's Foe, Kraven the Hunter. What does Clive Owen think about this?
It is still unclear which villains James Vanderbilt wrote into his Spider-Man script. Clearly, the fan favorite villains for the recently canceled Spider-Man 4 Dr. Curt Connors/the Lizard and Sergei Kravinoff/Kraven the Hunter. Now, it appears Sony is making an attempt to give the fans a little of what they asked for in the rebooted franchise.

Apparently, the latest rumor links actor Clive Owen to the role of Kraven. The Coventry Telegraph recently caught up with Owen and asked if he was officially cast for the role.

He said, ""That's the first I've heard. My [daughters] would like me to do it though."

When questioned as to whether this would classify as his 'dream role', Owen remarked:

"I've never had [a dream role], I just take it as it comes. I'm always excited by the idea that the next one could be a gem or something that sets me on fire."


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  1. I am eagerly waiting for Spider man 4. I wish to see Tobey Maguire in the main lead role

  2. Sad to say Tobey won't be reprising his role. As the studio is planning for a reboot for the Spider-man franchise, and they also have a new director. You could read it in my other posts.


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