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Blake Lively flawless as Carol Ferris in Green Lantern...

says Green Lantern Himself, Ryan Reynolds

"She's amazing — that girl is nobody's fool," Reynolds told MTV News during an interview at the Sundance Film Festival. "She came in and, much like everyone else in the film, had to fight for the role and read [for the character]. She did such an amazing job. She's going to be flawless, she's going to be perfect."

Despite his admiration for Lively, Reynolds struggled to remember the name of her "Gossip Girl" character.

"Blair van... van der... Wooten?" he guessed. "Dick Van Patton? She's playing Dick Van Patton in the movie, the Dutch dog food industrialist."

There is also a lot of confusion over the characters in the film such as whether or not Sinestro is the film's main villain. Current speculation puts Hector Hammond as the movie's central bad guy, with subsequent sequels focusing more on Sinestro's evil turn.

"I'm going to stay the hell away from this minefield right now and let you speculate," Reynolds chimed in. "But I know that everything is going to become very clear really soon."

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