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Batman 3 Plot Details?

What me might see on the next adventure of the Dark Knight

An insider source has contacted CBM editor Brent Sprecher with some tantalizing details about the plot for Batman 3!
Okay, okay, you guys know me. I don't normally post articles from sources that are not verifiable, but this news is just too juicy to pass up—and it's impossible for me to validate the news without blowing my source's cover—so here goes...

This news comes from a "plot outliner" (he couldn't or wouldn't tell me his actual title) at Warner Bros. Apparently, before a screenwriter is hired, one or more of these "plot outliners" figure out the basic building blocks of the story—characters, setting, theme, etc.—and then pass it on to the screenwriter to be hammered into the movie script format.

Here are the "facts," as relayed to me by "TT":

1. The plot should be outlined in time for the screenwriting to begin in February.

2. The Riddler is the primary villain and he figures out Batman's identity.

3. Arkham Asylum will figure prominently in the story.

4. Several classic villains will cameo, including the Penguin and Mr. Freeze (though as Dr. Fries, not as the supervillain).

5. Barbara Gordon will have a featured role.

6. Commissioner Gordon will mention Metropolis and possibly Lex Luthor.

7. Dick Grayson may be in the movie (though probably not as Robin).

Before all of the "haters" start dropping bombs on me, again, I admit that I have not been able to verify this information with a secondary source.

For now, consider it "food for thought." That being said, let the debate commence...

Original post by Brent Sprecher

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