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James Franco and Kirsten Dunst on what they think of the Spider-Man Reboot!

Marvel Comics and Columbia Pictures announced just recently that 500 days of summer director, Marc Webb will direct Spider-Man reboot which will find Peter Parker in his high school years.
"I don't have a problem with that," said Franco, who played Harry Osborn in the superhero franchise. "It worked out well for Batman and comics themselves have different artists and writers. I think it's perfectly fine."

But, he warned, "I think for the viewers you want a little space between Raimi's and Webb's flicks so you can get everyone else out of your head."

Spider-Man co-star Kirsten Dunst (who played Mary Jane Watson) also told the site, "It's sad to see it end. I think for Sam it was time for him to move on and so we're all going to move on with him. But we've had a good ten years."

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UPDATE: MTV News spoke with Franco at Sundance and asked what his biggest disappointment is with the whole reboot process:

"I guess I'm a little sad for Sam and Tobey," he said, "I think they were a really good team. I think Sam invested so much of himself in that and he had the perfect connection to that character and that franchise and that world. He was doing probably his best work. I'm sad for both of them that they won't get to continue to do that. And Tobey I think was an excellent Peter Parker."

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