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Sinestro May Not Be A Villain In Green Lantern

Is it possible that Sinestro will not be revealed as a villain in the first Green Lantern movie?
Original post by Hawksblueeyes at CBM

SuperHeroHype recently talked with Green Lantern director Martin Cambell, who had something very interesting to say about the upcoming Green Lantern movie.

"I think it will stick closely to the origin story, but we all know Sinestro, for an example, is a character who goes over to the dark side, and of course, Carol, played by Blake Lively, in later versions becomes a bad guy as well. I think people will be able to see forward to the characters that in the comic went on to (become bad guys)… but people will be ahead of us on all that I think."

Does this mean we will not see Sinestro convert to the "dark side" in the first movie? Maybe it will adhere to the comics and reserve Sinestro's villainy for a later movie.

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