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Twitternews for THOR

There are a lot of people tweeting about Marvel's God of Thunder, the Mighty THOR! Here ares some of the news.
Well, it has been two weeks, since filming began on Marvel's Thor. And I don't expect any set pics until March, when filming moves to outdoor locations, in Santa Fe, New Mexico. But until then, Iv'e gathered tweets here and there that you might want to take a glance at.

I'll start with Production Designer/ Art Director, Peter Mihaichuk.


just visited an awesome props shop... they were making weapons for the new Thor movie, and some Star Wars droids. I contained my inner geek.
7:54 PM Jan 21st

After I asked could he share what he saw, he replied:

@Marvel_Freshman There were a few items, most notably were a huge ass mace and a massive 2 handed sword.
19 minutes ago

Very interesting. If you don't know, a mace is the title weapon for Hogun The Grim, who actor, Tadanobu Asano, will portray in the film.

Next Up, motion stunt guy currently working on Thor, Jeremy Dunn, contributed what he did for filming today.

...just finished shooting a couple big scenes, and all went well!
about 7 hours ago

Who ever he'll be portraying, will be CGI. Maybe a villain type beast. Wonder what happened that was so big of a scene today?
Next, whatever happened that was so big on set today, could be why this guy, who is working in the same studio as Thor, had this to say:

Marvel is filming Thor on the floor below us... */going into stealth mode
about 8 hours ago

I Know it isn't much, but its something.
And my last find, is unexplainable. It is from Scott Johnson, who is an Illustrator for Marvel Entertainment:

After a week of back-and-forth with the creative dept., I'm finally uploading the first Thor scene. The rest should go more quickly. I hope.
about 2 hours ago

Original post by MarvelFreshman

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