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Spider-man 4 plot?

Somebody emailed me the supposed Spider-man 4 plot.  Here's the message:

From: anon
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Got this from an intern friend involved in storyboarding. It could be (and very well may be) a very creative fabrication, but it sounds awesome! His internship would be kaput if this lead back to him, but I had to share his summary! It has the return of Norman Osborne, the Scorpion, the Lizard, Black Cat, a new Venom, Alistair Smythe, and sets up for Carnage...AND IT ALL MAKES PERFECT SENSE. It also fills in the holes of the past 3 movies. AND he tells me they're thinking of using Bruce Campbell as Scorpion/New Venom! Again,I don't know how legit this is he could just be messing with me, but it stands alone worth reading. Enjoy-    

Spider-Man 4 The movie opens with the marriage of Peter and Mary Jane. The marriage is oddly normal. Peter is more concerned that his spider-sense is NOT going off than anything else, leaving him distant and distracted. This upsets Mary Jane. Aunt May has a dizzy spell, and nearly faints, but contains herself without anyone noticing. The two go on honeymoon without a qualm, but with underlying tension. The next scene is one of Dr. Conners sequencing reptilian DNA codes in his office, late at night. He is startled when his sample of Peter's symbiote suddenly becomes violent, and breaks its casing in an attempt to escape. Dr. Conners quickly catches the specimen, and places it in a stronger container. We see the trapped symbiote hungrily advancing on the specimens it is placed next to, a large emperor scorpion, and a bearded dragon.

The next scene is a fundraiser event in which concerned citizens may make private donations in an effort to try and stop spider-man. They are concerned that a costumed, super-powered "hero" only taunts and encourages criminals to become super criminals, leaving a wake of destruction in their battle between ""good and evil." Specific incidences from the last three movies are recalled, as well as sum totals of property damage, and other villains are referenced, such as the Rhino and Mysterio. J. Jonah Jameson, in a show of bravado, turns the event into a media spectacle, making a large public donation to the cause. Peter is of course in attendance, photographing the event, and profiling his potential enemies. Peter is put on the spot by Jameson to join the effort against Spider-Man, which he declines. This leads to a heated argument, and a falling out, and Peter leaves the Bugle. The chairman of the event, Alistair Smythe, ask his people if Parker is the Bugle photographer famous for capturing Spider-Man on film. When the fact is confirmed, the commissioner tells his people to "keep an eye on the boy." Leaving the fundraiser in anger, Peter decides to swing around the city as Spider-Man, to blow off some steam. At home, Mary Jane gets a call from Aunt May, asking for Peter to take her to the hospital. Mary Jane says Peter is out working, but rushes to Aunt May's house to take her to the hospital just in time. We cut back to Peter swinging over the city, late at night. He stops to listen to a portable police scanner, and hears that the silent alarm has been tripped at the museum. He swings his way over leaving his scanner and clothes tucked away in a web pack on the rooftop, to return to them later. As he leaves, we see the cell phone ringing in his coat pocket as a call from Mary Jane. He silently descends on a voluptuous criminal with long blonde hair in a skintight catsuit. Intrigued, he slowly lowers himself down to take a closer look, but the dinosaur skeleton his web was attached to collapses, allowing the Black Cat to escape, and creating another incident of damage. Spidey feels terrible about his "smooth move," but pursues the Black Cat through the museum. She always manages to escape to the shadows, but the two finally meet on the rooftop of the museum. The Black Cat seductively talks to Spider-Man, while Spidey does his best to remain composed. He says he has to take her in, and she says that she didn't steal anything, nor was she going to. He says she was trespassing, and she says he was, too, but that she didn't destroy any property in the process. As the sexual tension mounts, Spidey's phone from his webpack rings. This distracts him, he turns his head, and the Black Cat makes her escape. She leaves him a calling card with a kiss on it. Parker unmasks, sees numerous missed calls, and looks horrified as he checks his messages. We now cut to the Black Cat running away on foot, and towards the campus of Peter's University. She unmasks, and throws an NYU hoodie on over costume. A close-up of her ankle reveals a very, very, damaged piece of the symbiote releasing itself from her boot on campus. Cut to Dr. Conners in his laboratory, feeling invigorated. He has finally isolated the regenerative element of reptilian dna, and injects it into himself in an attempt to regrow his lost limb. Nothing seems to happen. He is crestfallen, and leaves to go home. On his way, he runs into a very panicked Peter, running toward the NYU medical facility. Dr. Conners tries to share his success with Peter, but Peter blows past him to see Aunt May. Dr. Conners dejectedly walks home. Peter bursts into the hospital to find Aunt May and Mary Jane. Aunt May is unconscious, and Mary Jane is exhausted. Peter asks a flurry of questions, and we find out that Aunt May has been having heart trouble since Uncle Ben died, but has been keeping it a secret from Peter, to allow him to focus on school. Mary Jane talks with Peter about the attention that she needs, and convinces Peter that she has to move in with them while she's in this state, saying she doesn't have long. Peter tells her that he just walked out on his job with the Bugle, and Mary Jane is furious. "What about your family? My modeling is just taking off, but I can't support us yet! And what about Aunt May? After all she's done for you? Aren't you the one who's always talking about responsibility?" Peter is stunned, and tells her that he's sorry, and to go home and get some rest. He thanks her for taking care of Aunt May, and tells her what a wonderful wife she is. They make up, she leaves, and Peter stays the rest of the night with Aunt May. Peter tries to call Dr. Conners to apologize, but gets no answer. He leaves a message, saying he will come by the campus in the morning to visit him. As Peter is leaving the message, we see a sleeping Dr. Conners with the start of a new limb. The next thing we hear is a dialogue between a familiar voice, and Mr. Smythe on the phone. They talk about the fundraiser, and the coming public auction of Oscorp. Smythe ensures the voice that with the combined donations of private donors, Mr. Jameson, Mr. Fisk, and the Smythe family fortune will be more than enough to buy out Oscorp. "Have you got a candidate?" the voice asks, "I need a spider-slayer…" Smythe responds that they have found ex-SEAL named Mac Gargan to be interested. "What about the boy?" the voice asks. "we'll be recruiting him tomorrow," Smythe replies. "Good." The voice says, and hangs up. The goblin mask is seen out of focus hanging on the wall in the background. Cut to Dr. Conner's biology class at NYU, where he is teaching with a fully regrown limb. He is lecturing on the human genome, and the possibilities of the future of medicine and humanity. The class is dismissed, with Dr. Conners ending on the note "with this great power, comes great possibility." As the class leaves, Felicia approaches Dr. Conners to talk to him about a grade on one of her papers. She sets up an after school appointment with her, and she leaves. As she walks away, she passes Peter Parker. Peter smiles at her awkwardly/creepily, she pauses, but dismisses the idea and moves on. Peter approaches Dr. Conners, saying "I was always taught that with great power comes great responsibility." Dr. Conners is quite pleased to see Peter, and the two retire to Dr. Conners private lab. The two discuss Dr. Conner's breakthrough as well as Aunt May's condition. The symbiote, having been dormant, becomes quite hostile when it senses Peter. It escapes again, freeing the scorpion in the process. It bonds to the scorpion, and then immediately spits out an empty exoskeleton. The two catch the symbiote, and then examine the scorpion's exoskeleton. Dr. Conners becomes very angry with Peter, and then quickly calms down and apologizes. They then turn their attention to the symbiote, and the exoskeleton. The symbiote is noticeably bigger. Dr. Conners states that the symbiote only wanted the "juice" that was inside. "Like a spider…" Peter says. As Peter leaves the campus, he is approached by Alistair Smythe, who has learned of Dr. Conners' success, through colleagues at the school. He wishes to regain functionality of his legs. He praises Dr. Conners, and it is revealed that Peter is a recent graduate student of his, and is also currently out of work. Smythe offers Peter a job on the spot. Peter is hesitant, recognizing him as the head of the anti-Spider-Man fundraiser. Dr. Conners emerges, and tells Peter he'll be praying for his Aunt. Peter then immediately takes the job, putting his family before his public image. Peter goes home to check on Aunt May, and tell Mary Jane the good news. When he approaches Aunt May, she is weak, but awake. He decides to omit that he lost his other job, and just tells her that he was offered a new position. She tells him that she is so proud of him, and she knows Uncle Ben would be, too. Peter asks her why she didn't tell him about her heart. She tells him that she knew how much he had on his plate, and wanted to make sure that he got himself though school without any distractions. She then goes on to say that she is so happy for him and Mary Jane, and that he couldn't be in better hands. She tells him that marriage is rough, especially at first, and talks about her and Uncle Ben's rocky beginnings. As they talk, Mary Jane finds the calling card left by the Black Cat in Peter's pocket as she does laundry. Infuriated, she immediately confronts Peter. He tries to explain, but has no answer good enough to appease her. We cut to Smythe leaving Dr. Conners' office. Dr Conners has refused to sell his technology, telling them that it is brand new, and unsafe, and that "with great power comes great responsibility." Felicia approaches the classroom, as Smythe and his associates discuss how they can get the formula. Felicia, overhearing them, offers to obtain the secrets, for a fee. She secretly sees this as another opportunity to see Spider-Man, and sets her terms and price. They agree to pay her for the secrets, and they set a meeting time and place for the delivery. We cut to Peter's first day as a bioengineer for Smythecorp. He is praised for his ingenuity and work ethic, and starts to feel good about himself again. He talks to Mary Jane on his lunch, and finds out that Aunt May is in much better shape. Cut to the bowels of the research facility, where Mac Gargan is introduced, and is preparing to receive his first inoculation of the Oscorp Serum. Smythe suggests waiting for the data from Dr. Conners' lab to enhance the end result of the project, but "the voice" is impatient. "I don't know what that will do," he says, "and it could take years to find out. I know exactly what this will do. And this is exactly what I want." Gargan is given the gas, and soon after placed into a suit quite similar to the Goblin's original suit. This suit however, features no hoverboard, and instead features a large tail made of one of Doc Ock's tentacles, recovered from the bay. We now cut to Dr. Conners. He wakes up scaly, and dry. He is in a very fight or flight state of mind. He wants to approach his sleeping wife, but decides he can't. He calls Peter, and asks him to meet him at his lab. Peter, quite elated, leaves work to buy roses for Mary Jane and Aunt May. He tells them he'll be home for dinner, but is interrupted by Dr. Conners' frantic call. He tells his family that he will be home soon, but that he has to make a quick trip to see Dr. Conners first. Mary Jane is annoyed, but accepting. Peter dons the Spider-Man outfit, and makes his way to the campus by web to save time. We now cut to a fully finished Scorpion, the ultimate spider slayer. "The voice" talks to the Scorpion as he awakes, telling him about his new strengths and abilities. He is extremely pleased with his new suit and tail, and then asks, "how do I take it off?" The voice replies simply, "that is not an option." Gargan is enraged, and demands an explanation. The voice explains that he a lot of money and a lot of technology went into his suit, and that he has to be kept in check. He offers to release him out of the suit only after spider-man is killed, and once the information from Dr. Conners' lab is obtained. "you," the voice says," are now a Spider-Slayer, property of Smythecorp." He is informed that another has been sent to retrieve the data, but is advised, "I would get it myself if I were you." We now see the Black Cat attempting to break into Dr. Conners' lab. She does, and obtains the data just as spider-man arrives. "This is a little more than just trespassing," Spidey says. He demands that she returns the data, but tells her that he won't turn her in if she does. She playfully says, "you'll have to catch me first," and takes off. Just as the chase begins, the Lizard emerges in full form, indiscriminately attacking the Black Cat, injuring her. An epic fight ensues between Spidey and the Lizard, as Spider-Man tries to lead the Lizard away from the campus. The fight is fierce, and ends in the sewers, where Spider-Man loses the Lizard. He leaves immediately to try to catch Black Cat. We cut to her on foot, disc in hand, trying to reach the meeting place. She realizes Smythe and his men know her true identity and she may be in over her head.As she hobbles along, she is curtailed by the Scorpion, who wants to deliver the data himself. Spider-Man catches up to them just in time to try to obtain the data for himself. Another massive fight ensues, this time with Spidey also trying to protect the Black Cat while trying to retrieve Dr. Conners' data. He realizes that the only way to try and help Dr. Conners is to analyze the data for himself. Spidey escapes with the data, and with the Black Cat, to the fury of the Scorpion. In a Goblin-like rage, he vows revenge on everyone, from Smythe, to Jameson, to Spider-Man. We see Spider-man swinging away with the injured Black Cat towards the hospital, and she flirts with him the whole way there. When they get to the hospital, she thanks him for being her hero, and lifts his mask to kiss him. He hesitates, but kisses her back, passionately. He pulls his mask down, and takes off for home. When he arrives home, Mary Jane is cleaning up dinner, and Aunt May is already asleep. She is mildly upset with him, but reminds him that she knew what she was getting into when she married him. She kisses him, but is very quickly upset when she tastes the Black Cat's lipstick on his lips. She realizes that it's the same shade from the calling card, and furiously comes back at Peter, wiping his lips, and then showing him the color on the tissue, and the color on the card. Without saying a word, she slaps him across the face, marches upstairs, and locks the door behind her. Devastated, Peter sits down at his computer with Dr. Conners' data, and spends all night analyzing it. He discovers that not only has Dr. Conners' body mutated, but that he is now controlled by his "reptile brain," making him a very complicated enemy. This means he has no motivation outside of those a reptile might have, making him extremely hard to fight, or predict. He also wishes no harm on Dr. Conners, and wishes only to return him to his human state. He wonders why he himself didn't mutate, and decides to analyze his own DNA. At work the next day, Peter discovers that an element of the Oscorp serum was what prevented the arachnid takeover of his own DNA, and realizes that to save his friend, he must track down whatever is left of Oscorp, to isolate the serum. He notes he is much happier to be a "spider-man" than a "man-spider." He stops by Harry and Norman's grave to reflect, on his way home from work, and passes by the Bugle on his way home. As he looks over at the Bugle, his spider-sense tingles, and he sees a confrontation happening upstairs. The Scorpion is confronting J. Jonah Jameson over his donation to the foundation that was responsible for his suit. Jameson says he didn't know they would use it to make "more freaks," and the Scorpion chastises him for just throwing money at problems and expecting a solution. Spider-Man intervenes to Jameson's disgust, and takes the fight with the Scorpion out to the street. We now see the Scorpion in full stride, using his prehensile tail and immense strength to chase spider-man in much the same way a Gibbon would swing through trees. He fires "goblin bombs" from his suit at spider-man, causing lots of destruction. Jameson ponders the destruction, wondering how many people would be killed instead of him in the rubble and aftermath. He tells the paper to run a story condemning the anti-spider man fundraiser, with a headline reading "Freak Factory!" He then tells them to get Parker on the phone, because he was "the only one around here that could ever get a half-decent picture of that abomination." Spider-man continues to fight the Scorpion, and maintain damage control, in a fight leading back to the Globe on top of the Bugle. As they fight, Spider-Man recognizes the armor and tail as remnants of the Green Goblin and Doc Ock. The Scorpion is obviously stronger than Spider-Man, but Spider-Man is able to retain his balance on top of the globe, while the Scorpion is not. The Scorpion falls a great distance, damaging his tail, but he escapes. Peter has an epiphany, realizing that there is a tie between the anti-Spider-Man coalition, and Oscorp. He digs further, and realizes that the very company he works for has deep connections to Oscorp. He returns to his job as Spider-Man to investigate, where he comes across the lab that created the Goblins, Doc Ock, and the Scorpion. He is confronted by none other than Norman Osbourne! He explains that the serum didn't let him die, and that it took a long time for him to heal, but that he is alive. He shows spider-man the scars he has from the glider as proof of his claim, and talks to him about Harry. He says that he will have his revenge for everything he's done to him, on everyone he loves, no matter how long it takes, because he can't die. This sends Spider-Man into a frenzy. He destroys as much of the lab as he can after obtaining a sample of the Oscorp serum, and leaves Norman for dead. The Scorpion returns to the lab to find a half-dead Norman Osbourne, not realizing that he was "the voice," he has sworn vengeance against. He restocks on bombs, and leaves to get a new copy of Dr. Conners' data from his lab. As the Scorpion arrives at the lab, he blows a hole in the side of the building with a bomb, and advances inside. We see the damaged piece of symbiote emerge behind him in the blast hole. As the Scorpion enters the building to take the computer, the Lizard savagely attacks him. A large fight ensues in the lab, brutal on both sides. During the fight, the specimen of the symbiote is released, which finds and re-bonds with the damaged piece of the symbiote. The symbiote is careful to avoid the flames, but with the addition of the damaged portion of the symbiote, requires a host immediately. It braves the flames to find the Lizard and the Scorpion viciously fighting inside. The symbiote finally bonds to the Scorpion. As it bonds to him, it pries off his scorpion suit, wanting only the host body inside. The newly formed Venom is hit with the memories of both Eddie Brock and Peter Parker, as a new entity entirely. The symbiote was in such a desperate, weakened state, that it bonded inseparably from Gargan, making no distinction between host and symbiote. It rushes to escape the flames, the Lizard close behind. Venom now has even greater strength than the Lizard, and the fight starts to lose balance, with Venom winning, when Spider-Man appears. Just as he is about to join the fight, Black Cat appears. Spider-Man tells her to stay out of it, but she refuses. He tells her he doesn't want to have to protect her again, and she says with a wink that she can handle herself. She jumps down to try to retrieve the computer discarded by Gargan, and is immediately injured again. Spider-Man swoops down to get her to safety, and then tries to get the Lizard away from Venom. Venom brutalizes the Lizard, leaving him critically injured. He is about to finish the job, when Spider-Man blindsides him. This thrills Venom, and he takes off after Spider-Man. The injured Lizard slinks back into the sewers, and the Black Cat and the computer are gone. An amazing fight ensues between Venom and Spider-Man as they swing through the buildings of New York. As they fight, Spider-Man leads them back towards the blazing remnants of Oscorp, which is continually rattled by explosions. Spider-Man leads him in through the flames, knowing that the new symbiote can't withstand the flames. Venom desperately tries to pursue him, despite the flames, and is weakened to the point that the symbiote retracts into his body. Spider-Man flees to try and find the Lizard before it's too late to help him. When he returns to the campus, the Black Cat is waiting to direct him down the sewers, and lead him the Lizard. When Spider-Man finds the Lizard, he half-heartedly tries to fight Spidey, eventually collapsing. Spider-Man administers a trace amount of the Oscorp serum to the Lizard. He jumps up with a start, but the Black Cat knocks him out with a well-aimed kick to the face. Spider-Man thanks her for help. She asks when she'll see him again, and comes in to kiss him. He retracts, saying he can't. She desperately tries to convince him that superheroes can date, but he pulls off one of his gloves, showing a wedding ring. Black Cat is quite taken aback, not realizing that under his costume he was a normal man with a normal life. As things are put into perspective for her, she is ashamed, and disappears. Spider-Man looks over at the Lizard, who has now returned to being Dr. Conners, minus his limb. He brings Dr. Conners to the hospital. Before they enter, he changes into his street clothes. A half-conscious Dr. Conners sees Peter's face, and laughs to himself in a daze, saying "brilliant, but lazy…" before passing out again. As he's leaving the hospital, he is surprised to see Mary Jane in the waiting room, teary eyed and distraught. They immediately embrace, Mary Jane tells him that Aunt May collapsed, and that she doesn't have much time. She tells him what room she's in, and to go say goodbye. Peter sees Aunt May, barely conscious, and holds her hand. He tells her how much he loves her, and thanks her for everything he's done. He can't believe he's saying goodbye, and asks her if she can even hear him. "Of course I can," she weakly replies. He smiles, and hugs her, tears streaming down his face. He apologizes to her for not being there for her as much as he should have, and that he wants to tell her something very important. She clutches his hand, and says "Peter…I already know. And Uncle Ben would be so proud. We are both so proud of you…Spider-Man…" She closes her eyes, and her heart monitor flat-lines. We are now at Aunt May's funeral. It is very small, and very heartfelt. Peter tells a story about Aunt May from when he was a little boy, but bursts into tears before he can finish. Afterward, Jameson approaches Peter to apologize for their falling out. He tells Peter that if he ever tells anyone, he's fired. Peter asks if that means he has his job back. Jameson says as far as he's concerned, Parker took a sabbatical, due to the ill health of his Aunt. Peter smiles, and thanks him. Jameson reminds Peter that if anyone finds out about this act of compassion, he's fired. After the service, Peter walks through the graveyard, noting Ben and May Parker, as well as Norman and Harry Osbourne. Mary Jane approaches him to comfort him. "He's not in there, MJ," he says. "Who's not in where?" Mary Jane asks. "Norman Osbourne," he says. "Norman Osbourne is not in that grave." We now cut to a secret facility, where Osbourne and Smythe are discussing their future plans. They make mention of the fact that Parker's research on his own DNA, and the link between the Oscorp serum and mutation suppression are all stored on their company computer. They also note how Gargan was arrested and blamed for the fires at Smythecorp, and has been sent to a maximum security prison. They both agree that how he got out of his suit will always be a mystery. The final scene in the movie takes place at Ravencroft Asylum, where Gargan is being placed in a cell. He is locked up, his door shuts, displaying his name. As the camera pans away from his door, we see that the name on the cell next to his is Cletus Kasady. Credits-


It's a good read but Nah! I don't think this is what the next movie will be. -access out, God speed

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