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Black Cat in Spider-man 4

Rachel McAdams has met with Spider-man producers for a role on the next Spidey outing.  McAdams is major contender for the role of Felicia Hardy, known in comic circles as the Black Cat.  A reluctant villain, cat burglar and sometime love interest for Spider-man.

Though Black Cat might not be the only villain on the next Spider-man film, chances are the Lizard whose presence has been felt in the three previous films in the form of his alter ego, Dr. Connors, might still be up for the main baddie role.  Though reports are said that Raimi and company are yet to cast a yet unnamed villain. 

I for one would love the Lizard to be the major villain on Spider-man 4, because we have invested already some time with his character with the other movies.  The introduction of Black Cat might be interesting, and may rejuvenate this franchise or just fizzles it out.

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