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Here's Smallville's Hawkman

Here are the points in what Michael Shanks has to say about his role as Hawkman.

-There is flying involved (which would be stupid if there is none because he has those giant wings :))
-He won't be bare chested like in the comics, he will be wearing something of a bronze armor because the harness need something to attach itself to. The mask will also be in bronze.
-First time we will meet carter hall will be in a museum, here we learn that he is a reincarnated prince from 1000 years ago.
-He gives clark advices on flying
-There will be reference to other Society members aside from the other 2 involve in the show (Dr. Fate and Stargirl).
-There will be antagonism between Hawkman and Green Arrow because of different political views.
-Smallville characters not hearing about the Justice Society prior the episode is a plot point.
-Dr. Fate and Hawkman have a long history. Dr. Fate’s helmet is possessed by an Egyptian deity, which allows his to see into people’s possible futures. He also teleports. Stargirl is brand new to them and I’m not exactly sure what she does. She wasn’t part of the Society with them. And there are some trust issues with Martian Manhunter that are going to need to be dealt with.
-Villain of the episode will have a history with the Justice Society
-There's reference to Hawkgirl

source: CBM

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