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Planet Hulk DVD Features

Lionsgate is proud of their latest direct-to-video animated film based on Marvel's Green Goliath space adventure. The film Planet Hulk, which shares its name and story from Greg Pak's series, will hit shelves on Feb.2 those who prebook could get it on Jan. 6. The film comes in single-DVD($19.98), two-DVD special edition($24.98) and Blu-ray Disc($29.98). 

The film which was based on series will follow the same plot, which have earth's forces fearing that Hulk is too dangerous have the "Jade Jaws" exiled into space. Hulk eventually ends up in the planet Sakaar, and a Conan-like adventure ensues. With the Hulk fighting the tyrannical Red King. This time Hulk does not need to hold back. 

The extras included is a featurette, a Wolverine and the X-men episode, Spider-Woman and X-Men music videos and motion comics. 

I'm really happy with Marvel and DC's move in adapting their famous stories into animation. I think it helps usher in new readers to the comic media.
-access out, God speed 

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