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Faran Tahir is Talking Mandarin

Raza, Faran Tahir, the leader of the Ten Rings in the first Iron Man movie thinks that there is a connection between his character and the Iron Man Villain the Mandarin. In the comics Mandarin possesses this 10 magical rings to fight the technologically advance Iron Man. Tahir is even thinking that Raza and the Mandarin might be one and the same. He now seems pretty sure that the Mandarin will have an appearance soon.

Here is Tahir has to say about the subject:

"At some point, they want to introduce Mandarin into the storyline and my character, like Mandarin, was the leader of the Ten Rings," said Tahir. "We're leaving it open because, partly, it makes good business sense for us to leave a little bit of uncertainty for people to speculate on."

"[Favreau] has known for a long time where he wants to take it and I don't want to speak for him, but my feeling is that the second movie didn't want to just follow a singular storyline. They wanted to expand the characters to show that it's not a linear saga like Lord Of The Rings. There's a linkage somewhere in there, but the big idea is to do at least one more Iron Man! movie and then go into The Avengers!"

I think Mr. Tahir is just speculating right now, but if he indeed portrays the Mandarin you won't hear any resistance from me, considering that the actors ethnic lineage differs from the character, but I am okay with that.

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