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DC/Wildstorm's "RED" adds four actors

The four actors are: Brian Cox, who is reported to play a former Cold War spy and the nemesis of Willis's CIA agent. Richard Dreyfuss, portrays a wealthy gentleman who built his entire fortune out of lucrative government contracts. Julian McMahon, will be playing the Vice President with a nefarious side who is at the center of it all. And Ernest Borgnine is playing the CIA's keeper of all the dark clandestine records.

RED revolves around a former black-ops CIA agent, Bruce Willis, who's living a civilian life until he finds himself entangled with hi-tech assassins who were ordered to kill him for knowing too much.

The film also stars Morgan Freeman, Helen Mirren, Mary Louise Parker and John C. Reilly. Robert Schwentke directs and screenplay is written by Jon and Erich Hoeber. Filming starts early next year.

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