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Justice League and Justice League Unlimited: The Complete Series DVD

Mark your calendars because on Nov. 10, Warner Home Video is releasing the entire Justice League and the Justice League Unlimited animated series in a set of multi-disc containing 91 episodes. So, if you do not have this yet on this collection this is the right time to get the whole set. The animated series is one of the strongest animated adaptation of our beloved DC Superheroes, and it is also a great way to introduce friends who is not yet indoctrinated in the love of Comicbook Heroes. 

The packaging for the DVD set, is a plastic case encased in a bigger shiny metal tin. Discs are one-sided, the first season are in widescreen format. Included also in the set is a disc full of bonus materials.

The price of the DVD might be on the steep side but scourging the internet you might be able to find significantly discounted prices. It might be a bit pricey but for 35 hours of pure colorful superheroics fun, to some of is it might be worth it.

I personally enjoyed the Justice League Unlimited episodes than the Justice League ones, but all in all I love the entire series. 
-access out, God speed

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