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Dane Cooks wants to be the Riddler

"I love the new Dark Knight series and 'Batman Begins,'" Cook told MTV News when asked if he was interested in playing anycomic book characters, "If they brought back The Riddler—a new Riddler the way they did with The Joker—that would be bad-ass. I would do that." 

"When they were making the new one and they were doing The Joker, I always thought it should be kind of like 'The Crow' — having that dark element but still comedic," said Cook of the type of Riddler he'd like to bring to the franchise. "It would probably have to be something in that vein, even though I think what Heath Ledger did with the Joker was the greatest comic book villain ever."

He is not my choice to be the Riddler in Nolan's Batman, but I don't know if given the chance he might be able to pull it off.

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