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Stan Lee Worried About His Thor Cameo

Poor Stan is waiting by the phone for a call from Kenneth Branagh...

What ho, Brigadiers! ‘Tis time for the pearls of wisdom I so selflessly dispense! As you read on, feel free to take notes if you wish.

After that brilliant intro, I need a great follow-up. Here’s an item: Don’t wanna worry you, but haven’t been called for my Thor cameo yet

Haven’t heard from Thor’s director, the unbelievably talented Ken Branagh (I call him Ken to impress you) Could he have forgotten my cameo?

I’m kind’a worried. I hope Ken isn’t working so hard to create a great Thor cameo for me that he neglects the rest of the movie.

Thiough I'm the soul of modesty, I often feel that my small role is the main part of the movie. The rest is just everyone else’s long cameo

Y’know, to paraphrase my pal Shakespeare, each one of us has our own cameo in the movie of life. My Brigadiers and I are all bit players!

This might be good news for some, but for me it's still nice to see Stan in the movies from characters he helped create. Excelsior!

-ACCESS out. Godspeed and MABUHAY!

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