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Feature: Keeping Tabs on The First Avenger: Captain America

This is a compilation of all that we know about Marvel Studios' efforts to bring the "Sentinel of Liberty" to the big screen!

First Avenger: Captain America
Release Date: 22 July 2011 [USA]

Recent News and Some Rumors

-Cinemaspy is reporting that Chris Pine is rumored as another front runner for the role of Captain America
I'm unsure on having Captain Kirk as Captain America, Pine just doesn't seems like a Steve Roger for me.

-PG13 Rating
-New draft of script - "Better, tighter, a little more action, more character stuff, a subplot that - I don't want to say anymore. But it is great."-Johnston

-Movie will have ties to Thor and Iron Man
-An origin story that ends in modern day and ties in with the Avengers movie.

-Movie will feature WWII superteam "The Invaders." They will be six (6) members strong, and will be in the second half of the movie.

-Captain America is placed in the USO circuit which explains his colorful costume

– Captain America to be played by an American
– Johnston needs to have casting done by March 1
– Johnston's shooting Captain America in HD and says if they do 3D it’ll be in post
– Says he’s going to shoot Captain America in a different way than any of the other Marvel pictures have been shot
– They’re going to shoot most of it in the UK because the movie takes place in Europe
– Regarding casting a movie star to play Captain America…Johnston says he wants to discover an unknown and surround him with more prominent name
– Red Skull is going to be the villain.

Directors, Writers and Casts

Director: Joe Johnston
Many of Johnston's work are period pieces which will fit well with the setting for the first Captain America Movie. Notable works are: The Wolfman (opens Friday), Hidalgo and a masked superhero in The Rocketeer.

Scriptwriters:Christopher Markus & Stephen McFeely
Notable works: Narnia series

Actors: No actors are attached yet for any roles
Some of the rumored Top Contenders for the Role of Steve Rogers/Captain America

Ryan McPartlin
Jensen Ackles
Chad Michael Murray

Captain America CBM 101
For they who are not one of us :)

Brief Comic History:
Captain America is a superhero that appears in Marvel Comics. The character's first appearance is in Captain America Comics #1 (March 1941). He was created by Joe Simon and Jack Kirby. Captain America's alter ego is Steve Rogers, Rogers was a sickly young man who was enhanced to the peak of human perfection by an experimental serum in order to aid the United States war effort. Captain America wears a costume that has an American flag motif, he has an indestructible shield which he uses defensively and offensively.

Live CBM History:
Captain America's first foray into live media was in 1944, he was the first Marvel Comics character adapted into another medium. In this portrayal his alter ego is a district attorney named Grant Gardner, the serial removes many important elements of the character, such as his trademark shield and his sidekick Bucky Barnes.

The character next reappears in two (2) TV Movies that aired on CBS title Captain America and Captain America II: Death too soon. The character differs significantly from the comics in both his origin and his operations. For instance, Steve Rogers is a character in contemporary times whose father was a 1940s government agent. The very patriotic attitude of Steve's father earned him the nickname Captain America, and his father is spoken of as having been murdered. Rogers, a former Marine now making what little living he makes as an artist, was inspired by this story to sketch a super-hero. After receiving potentially fatal injuries in an accident, he was administered an experimental chemical called the FLAG—Full Latent Ability Gain—formula (at one point referred to as a "super-steroid") which not only saves his life but also enhances his body with heightened strength and reflexes.

The 1990 film Captain America, stars Matt Salinger, and the movie was shot in Yugoslavia. It depicted the creation of Captain America from weak soldier Steve Rogers, his fight in World War II and subsequent apparent death, his being found decades later frozen in ice, and his realization and comprehension that our enemies from the war are now our allies, as well as the hero's battle against the Red Skull, who in the film is an Italian fascist rather than a German Nazi.

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