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Green Lantern's 'Holograms' part of the new film.

Like there was even a chance that would not happen. Green Lantern will not be green lantern without those 'holograms' called constructs.
Any Green Lantern fan knows, that the boys from the CORPS use their rings to make all manner of crazy "constructs" while fighting bad guys. From giants fists and anvil's to more out there stuff like see-saw's and ..well, pretty much whatever takes their fancy. MTV have been releasing tid bits of info from their interview with Martin Cambell, and in this one he reveals that we will indeed be seeing some glorious green ring building action..

When asked about the objects the Green Lantern(s) will create during the film, Campbell took time out of the Edge Of Darknessjunket to drop some info about it..

"They're called constructs," explained Campbell. "One of the nice things is, we'll all sit down and say, 'Well, what are we going to do here? ... Really, it's as much as your imagination can go to make the constructs."

However, Campbell wouldn't reveal which constructs are on their must-have list at this point, and added that it's a bit too early in production to have nailed down any of them for sure.

"Because I haven't started filming, we've locked off quite a few, but beyond that, no," he said. "They'll all be done in post-[production], so we'll have a reasonable amount of time to be thinking."

I guarantee a fist and an anvil at the very least!..and maybe one for comedic effect too. 

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