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Don Cheadle Says "NO" to War Machine Spin-Off but "YES" to Iron Man 3

The wearer of the War Machine armor on where to see that Armor again.
F you've been following the casting for this year's Iron Man 2, you'll know that Don Cheadle controversially replaced Terrence Howard in the role of Lt James 'Rhodey' Rhodes, who is Tony Stark's best friend and military adviser.

Rhodey ends up donning one of Stark's other armoured suits and becoming thesupporting character War Machine. In the comics, War Machine stands in for Iron Man when Stark descends into alcoholism.

Posters and footage have shown War Machine alongside the title character in Iron Man 2 and speculation soon started that there would be a War Machine spin-off.

Here's an excerpt from Wizard magazine on whether there will be a War Machine spinoff:

"People have asked but no one [in authority] has mentioned it as something that's happening. Cheadle says

"Hopefully, if this one does well, there'll be another [Iron Man film] with the same people. But there won't be a [War Machine] spin-off."

Well for one I'm not really expecting a War Machine Spin-off I think he works better as a supporting to Iron Man. But if they do decide a spin-off you know I won't be against it. The more the merrier right?!

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