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Geoff Johns Smallville's ABSOLUTE JUSTICE Interview

Here's a portion of the interview done by Kryptonsite, with Geoff Johns writer of the Justice Society TV Movie.
The much anticipated Smallville episode, Absolute Justice, was written by fan favorite comic author Geoff Johns. Here are a few excepts from an interview in which he talks about the two-part Smallville TV movie:

Talking about similarities and differences in writing these character in comics and TV. Here's Geoff Johns response.

For me they're very similar when I write them for the comic books and when I write them for Smallville; they're very similar characters. Hawkman and Stargirl are both very similar. Doctor Fate was the only one that kind of took a life of his own in the world of Smallville. Kent Nelson is in a much different place and head space than he is in the comics. But for me, they're pretty close. They embody the same values and traits. Superman's always trying to do the right thing, and Lois is always trying to find out what the story is.

Any surprise on characters he got away in using in Smallville?

No, because Brian and Kelly were so open to it. When we were originally talking about the JSA over lunch, we talked about the various cast and how big it was. Going through the characters, I knew Brian really liked Hawkman, his backstory and his role. I really wanted Stargirl, and we talked about a lot of other characters. Wildcat, we almost did, instead of Doctor Fate. Jay Garrick... we just talked about all of these other characters. There was no limit, and there's no "we can't do that" or "we can't use that character." It was really up to our discretion, and eventually we decided upon Doctor Fate, because I thought the take I had on him was very unique, and he just fit the role that we wanted for the story.

Other things he talked about were how good Justin Hartley was as Green Arrow. That the Black Canaries connection were not mentioned in the TV Movie. Duality of Hawkman and Carter Hall, as Carter Hall he is shut-in and reserved but when he puts on the Hawk-helmet becomes a warrior. Johns mentioned Booster Gold, Spectre, Deadman, Batman and Wonder Woman if he ever writes another episode of Smallville, hopefully for season 10.

Head on to Kryptonsite to read the whole interview. 

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