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Anthony Hopkins in looking like a god.

In regards on playing ODIN in the new Kenneth Brannagh film THOR.

While promoting his latest movie, Wolfman, Anthony Hopkins talked about his initial meeting with Kenneth Branagh regarding the role of Odin in Marvel's Thor.

"He said, 'Would you take the [Thor] script and read it and see what you think? And if you'd like to play Odin,'" Hopkins recalled about their first get together over coffee, "I felt he was a very, very smart man, very bright and compassionate and well rounded."

This is the first time Hopkins is working with Branagh, though he had worked with Branagh's wife, Emma Thompson twice before.

"I'm a big Ken Branagh [fan]. I think he's an extraordinary guy, a wonderful actor and a terrific director. He's one of the easiest guys to be with. He doesn't shout or scream. He just is very gentle with everyone. He believes in his actors. He needs them to act, and he'll direct in a strong way, but he leaves it to you. Whatever you want, he gives it to you."

Production is now underway for the highly anticipated Asgardian tale that will introduce mainstream audiences to Marvel characters based in a larger fantasy world than previous films. Hopkins seems to understand the scope of the film and how much Marvel is banking on it."[Thor's] a really big one, a really big movie," he commented.

So how does the Oscar winner hope to appear on film, portraying the ruler of the realm of Asgard and father to both the God of Thunder, Thor (Chris Helmsworth) and God of Evil, Loki (Tom Hiddleston):

"I hope I look like God."

Thor is scheduled to be released May 6, 2011.

Information courtesy of Sci Fi Wire

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