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Joe Johnston on Captain America

More New on Captain America Front from Cap Director Joe Johnston.  And the Top Three(3) contenders to wear the Star-Spangled Spandex.
Newsarama has released their interview with Joe Johnston revealing a bit more for the First Avenger. Check It Out:

'What little is known about "The First Avenger: Captain America" is that it will be set in World War II, around the time of Pearl Harbor. Johnston told Newsarama that he is well aware of the potential risk in shooting a big-budget comic book period piece, but believes it's a story the fans will appreciate seeing unfold onscreen.

"You couldn't do a modern-day Captain America," Johnston said, "and then go back and tell the World War II origin story."

The film will be bookended with scenes set in the present day that presumably will set the stage for "The Avengers" movie.

"That's the way this story ends. [Cap] the end of this film, he's been brought back and been unfrozen, revived and he is definitely a fish out of water. He's a 1942 guy in's going to be a lot of fun."

Johnston pointed out that Cap's lack of superpowers are part of what makes him such a compelling character.

"He can die, he can be injured, you know, he can't see through walls and fly and do any of that stuff, we have some great action sequences that stay within the laws of physics...but he's not Superman."

Johnston, who prefers Ed Brubaker's current run on the series to the Cap stories of the 1960s and 70s, admits he wasn't a huge fan of the character or of comic books in general. But he believes that will serve him well on this project.

"I don't think you necessarily want the world's biggest Captain America fan to be directing this film," he said.

Johnston mentioned that one reason he wanted to do the origin story first was because the sequels would take place in the present day. That would indicate that the 'fish out of water' story element mentioned earlier will play a prominent role.

The First Avenger: Captain America is the pivotal piece in the entire Marvel movie puzzle. For an Avengers movie to succeed, Cap has to be a multiplex hero. Which is why it's not surprising to hear Johnston say the movie will feature links to the rest of what will become the Marvel Universe's most renowned super-team.

"We have stuff in our movie that relates to Thor, and we have stuff that relates to Iron Man and the fun is integrating it into the story. If you're a fan, you'll get it and you'll recognize it. If you're not a fan, it just becomes part of the story. We're sort of integrating 3-4 things that are links to the rest of the Marvel Universe. It’s not really difficult. The challenge is to make it seamless, and so it doesn't feel out of context."

According to, their reliable source in the Paramount/Marvel confirmed that the studio is indeed only considering unknowns/television actors to portray Captain America on the big screen.

"Apparently, when the script came in with World War II sequences (featuring the Invaders), the studio heads decided it was beyond their means to make this movie AND afford A-listers like Brad Pitt and Matt Damon."

The source, who remains unnamed, specifically pointed out Chad Michael Murray (One Tree Hill), Ryan McPartlin (Chuck) and Jensen Ackles (Supernatural) as being among the top choices.

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