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JUSTIN HAMMER: Unscrupulous Industrialist [bio]

Comic Book History

JUSTIN HAMMER is a villain in Marvel Comics; he is a frequent adversary of the superhero Iron Man. His first appearance was in Iron Man (1st series) #120 (March 1979). Hammer is the reason why many of Iron Man's supervillain enemies have access to extremely advanced technology, and why these foes use their equipment for violent crimes instead of profiting by bringing the designs to market. Hammer reveals that the villains are his underworld mercenaries, secretly armed and contractually obligated to fulfill missions against Hammer's competitors and enemies.

First Appearance

JUSTIN HAMMER rivals Tony Stark (Iron Man) as an industrialist and a multi-billionaire businessman, but he use his resources for more nefarious deeds like financing crimes and other unethical methods. In return, he gets fifty percent of the criminals' profits. He often would pay bail for costumed criminals and finance the development and replacement of both their weaponry and equipment.

JUSTIN HAMMER's financed criminals

JUSTIN HAMMER would lock horns with Tony Stark and, his alter ego, Iron Man several times. Hammer would seek out different means to gain advantage against his technologically adept rival. Once he invented a device called the hypersonic scan transmitter, which allowed him to take control of Iron Man's armor.

During the "Armor Wars" storyline, JUSTIN HAMMER was behind the stolen Iron Man technology, which was sold to a number of tech-based supervillains.

JUSTIN HAMMER later on would find out that he has incurred an incurable illness, but even with this ailment, he still resolved to destroy Tony Stark. JUSTIN HAMMER infected Stark's bloodstream with mood-altering nanites that made Stark irrational and temperamental. In a final confrontation between Iron Man and Hammer on Hammer's own space station, Hammer was accidentally frozen in a block of ice and lost in space.


By the way JUSTIN HAMMER has a daughter named Justine Hammer, aka Crimson Cowl, and it would be criminal not to post this picture of her here.

Iron Man: The Animated Series
JUSTIN HAMMER appeared as a villain on the 1990s animated Iron Man TV series. JUSTIN HAMMER like in the comics is shown as a rival of Tony Stark in business. In the animated "The Armor Wars" two-parter, he had Ghost steal the Stark Armor designs and sold them to each of the armored criminals. He also created the Firepower robot to eliminate his competition.

Sam Rockwell
JUSTIN HAMMER appeared in Iron Man 2, played by Sam Rockwell. This version of Hammer is only loosely based on his comic’s counterpart; he is much younger than the comic book version, closer to Tony Stark in age, is American instead of British, and his personality is much less icy. In fact, he is quite incompetent and bumbling both as villain and businessman.


Note: Due to the nature of comicbooks being an on-going tale, the character's powers along with his appearance, is in a constant state of flux.


JUSTIN HAMMER is a genius about high finance and big business.

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