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CALLISTO: Morlock Matriarch

CALLISTO: Morlock Matriarch
"The Rain! Every drop felt like a needle in my flesh! It's too much! The light is blinding me, the stench of your sweat in the air…"

Comic Book History

CALLISTO is a Marvel Comics character, associated closely with the X-Men universe. Writer Chris Claremont and artist Paul Smith created CALLISTO. Her first appearance was in Uncanny X-Men #169 (May 1983). She was the leader of subterranean mutants known as the Morlocks.

First Appearance

CALLISTO's origins are unknown, although she says that the scars she is bearing are proof of "how dumb a mistake" it was for her to try to live among normal humans; in one of her earlier appearances, her greatest psychological fear is the image of the beautiful woman that she once was.

In her first appearance, CALLISTO kidnapped Angel and stripped him of most of his clothing, intending to make him her mate. CALLISTO attempted to cripple Angel by cutting away his primary feathers.

Storm of the X-Men challenged and beat CALLISTO in a duel for the leadership of the Morlocks and to free her teammate, Angel. As the new leader of the Morlocks, Storm decreed that they would no longer kidnap and terrorize surface-dwellers, and in return, they would have peace.

When the wizard Kulan Gath enslaved the city of New York and transformed it into a Hyborian Age city, CALLISTO became his warrior servant. She battled Storm again, but Storm saved her life. CALLISTO then helps in defeating Kulan Gath.

CALLISTO would later encounter an amnesiac Colossus, who had assumed the identity of artist Peter Nicholas. The two became attracted to each other.

CALLISTO will then ally herself with Mikhail Rasputin, Colossus' older brother. Mikhail and CALLISTO transported the Morlocks into an alternate reality, where time moved more quickly than on Earth. There she watched as the Morlock youths grew up with great bitterness towards their elders for all that had happened to them. When the young Morlocks, now known as the Gene Nation, returned to Earth with revenge planned, CALLISTO went looking for help and located her former lover Colossus, the two warned the other X-Men.

After the face-off of the X-Men and the Morlock's Gene Nation, The recovering CALLISTO remained in the tunnels looking over they young morlock, Marrow. CALLISTO advised Marrow to find her place amongst the X-Men, figuring it to be the best place for her. Afterwards CALLISTO disappeared.

More recently, CALLISTO was transformed drastically by Masque, having her arms reformed into tentacles. CALLISTO was also under Masque's control in "The Arena," an elite fight club in Japan. CALLISTO finds herself battling Storm again, but later both escaped with help from one of Storm's friend.

CALLISTO is next seen as one of the main characters in the new Excalibur title, where she was helping Professor Xavier and Magneto rebuild Genosha.

In the aftermath of "House of M", CALLISTO is among the many mutants to have lost her powers. Quicksilver offered to her the Terrigen Mists, stolen from the Inhumans, as a way to restore her powers. CALLISTO willingly accepted the offer and the Mist effectively restored all her previous abilities without her disfigurements and arm-tentacles, but without any control over them. Her new senses are so acute that even a drop of rain causes her tremendous pain; unable to handle it, she fell into a coma. The depowered Magneto found her body and showed it to Quicksilver saying that he poisoned her with the Terrigen Mist. He later took her body to a hospital, where the effects of the Mists wore off.


X-Men: The Animated series
In X-Men: The Animated series, CALLISTO was the leader of the Morlocks. She and the other Morlocks captured Cyclops.

X-Men: Evolution
In X-Men: Evolution animated series; CALLISTO appears to be a non-violent, even-tempered leader of the Morlocks. She seemed to sabotage a beverage company where its beverage, which was leaking into the sewers, was revealed poisonous to mutants. She would later return when anti-mutant thugs where using laser technology to attack the X-Men, Spyke, and Leech.

Dania Ramirez
In X3: The Last Stand, CALLISTO was the leader of a small band of outcast mutants sometimes referred to as The Omegas or Omega Gang. After the mutant cure was created, The Omegas allied with The Brotherhood of Mutants. CALLISTO seemed to dislike Storm, who she attacked repeatedly. She was eventually electrocuted by Storm during their climactic battle on Alcatraz Island.

CALLISTO with the Omegas

Note: Due to the nature of comicbooks being an on-going tale, the character's powers along with his appearance, is in a constant state of flux.

Superhuman Senses: CALLISTO possessed superhumanly keen senses of sight (including night vision), hearing, smell, taste, and touch.

Enhanced Strength

Enhanced Agility

Enhanced Reflexes


CALLISTO is a natural-born leader, huntress, and fighter skilled in virtually every form of hand-to-hand combat.

Movie Version
X-Factor Detection: She was able to Psionically sense the presence and Mutant Level of other Mutants.

Superhuman Speed: She is able to run much faster than a normal human being.

Speed Physiology: CALLISTO's body was adapted to the rigors of high-speed movement. Her cardiovascular and respiratory systems were likely many times more efficient than those of a normal human being.

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