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SILVER FOX: Weaponess X

SILVER FOX: Weaponess X
"...SILVER FOX to you. I have need of a poisoner of your skill and HYDRA will be ever so grateful --"

Comic Book History

SILVER FOX, whose real name is Kayla Silverfox, was a lover of Wolverine. She first appeared in Wolverine vol.2 #10. She was a member of "Team X", then later of HYDRA. SILVER FOX was created by Chris Claremont & John Buscema.

First Appearance

SILVER FOX lived with Logan in Canada at the dawn of the 20th century. She, a Native American Blackfoot, and he, a frontiersman, enjoyed many happy times together.

One day Sabretooth, Wolverine's rival, attacked SILVER FOX and apparently killing her.

SILVER FOX apparently recovered from her injuries or was revived by some means. She then found herself involved with the United States government, specifically the CIA. She was recruited to join the Weapon X Program's 'Team X’ in doing so she was reunited with both Wolverine and Sabretooth. Due to the memory implants they were given, it is unclear how much of their past they were able to remember. For a time it was believed the past incidents were actually implanted memories.

Silverfox had an unusually strong reaction to the memory implants; when the team was sent on a mission to Cuba she betrayed her team and joined HYDRA. SILVER FOX quickly rose through the ranks in this organization.

SILVER FOX wearing her HYDRA uniform

Sabretooth apparently slew SILVER FOX again when they were searching for the individual responsible for their memory implants. Wolverine buried her near the cabin they had lived together.

But considering comicbook's track record in terms of death I think it's a safe bet to expect to see this character again.

X-Men: The Animated series
In X-Men Animated Series, SILVER FOX was a member of Team X, Wolverine's lover, and a victim of the Weapon X Program. She and Maverick were thought to have died after a battle with Omega Red but they were later revealed alive.

In X-Men Origins: Wolverine, Kayla Silverfox was a mutant with the ability to persuade anyone she touched into doing what she wanted.

Note: Due to the nature of comicbooks being an on-going tale, the character's powers along with his appearance, is in a constant state of flux.

Comic Version
Silverfox possessed retractable claws. It was unknown if she had enhanced senses. The Weapon X Project gave SILVER FOX an age suppression factor. She also apparently had or was given a healing factor.

Movie Version
Tactile hypnosis: While touching someone, Silverfox can persuade the person into doing what she wants.

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