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Morena Baccarin on Joss Whedon Directing The Avengers

Brazilian-born actress Morena Baccarin, currently starring on "V", is talking in an interview with movieline about working with Joss Whedon... and about a possible Avengers role.
Movieline:Let’s talk about Joss Whedon. Marvel chose him to write and direct the mega-budget comic book mash-up Avengers, which has caused a few people to raise their eyebrows. Having worked with him on Firefly and his first and only feature Serenity, why do you think Joss is a good choice for what could potentially be the “biggest blockbuster of all time?”

Morena: I am sure he will be awesome at it. We had a ton of that stuff on Serenity and he has this great quality about him. Joss really knows what he wants and he has a really clear image of what he thinks something should look and what the film should be. I am sure he will be really well prepared, and I am sure they are in really, really good hands.

Movieline: Have you talked to Joss recently? Do you think there could be an Avengers role for you?

Morena: I don’t know. I haven’t talked to him in a little bit. We email each other back and forth. I would do anything that he did though — really truly anything. He’s so talented.

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