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Green Lantern Set Pic of Ryan Reynolds in Motion-Capture Suit

In this MTV exclusive, here is a pic of actor Ryan Reynolds on the set of Green Lantern, in his full motion-capture suit. Check it Out!
While we've been getting plenty of set pics, including the the recent first look at Peter Sarsgaard in costume on the set of "Green Lantern, we've yet to see the film's star Ryan Reynolds suit up, until now thanks to MTV. Well hes not actually suited in costume, but suited up in the full motion-capture suit that will help render the actual costume in CGI.

Previously, "Green Lantern" co-writer and producer Greg Berlanti said the film's team was "on lockdown" about the look they're going for with the live-action Hal Jordan, though DC Entertainment's Chief Creative Officer Geoff Johns seemed to confirm that Reynolds' costume will be more CGI than actual clothing.


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