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A Connection Between Sam Worthington and The Avengers?

Is the Terminator: Salvation and Avatar star trying to send a message?

In the image above Sam Worthington is wearing a trendy T-shirt sporting Earth's Mightiest Heroes - The AVENGERS!

Here's the post from MTV splashpage:
Since we know Worthington is no stranger to comics these days (he recently signed on to produce and star in an adaptation of Rick Remender's "The Last Days of American Crime" series), we couldn't help but wonder if Worthington is trying to send us a message. After all, Marvel's still looking for actors to play Captain America and Hawkeye last we checked.

Yup! were desperate to here about AVENGERS news, I personally would like to hear news in the Captain America camp. Though I'm not particularly sure if Worthington is "worthy" to wield Cap's Shield, even though he's Hollywood's "It" guy this days.

-access out. Godspeed!

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