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Robert Howard never gave exact details about Conan's height, weight, etc. He probably lived in a medieval type society where height averages were smaller than today's average. For the Hyborian Age, he was sometimes described as "massive". Whether this refers to his height or muscle mass, or both is unknown. Estimates of these statistics vary by author, and Conan's presumed age at the time of a given tale.

Height: 6'0 - 6'6"

Weight: 180 - 265 lbs.

Eyes: Blue (often described as "smoldering" or "sullen")

Hair: Black, (often described as being "mane-like")

Ethnicity: Cimmerian

Skin: Conan's skin coloring is considered unusually dark for a Cimmerian (often described as being "sun-bronzed")

Distinguishing features: Conan has numerous battle scars, especially on his face

Skills Conan is an accomplished hunter, sword-fighter, horseman, and archer. Conan is familiar with the following weapons: the knife, the axe, the longsword, the broadsword, the short sword, and the bow. The broadsword is his favored weapon. He was one of the most accomplished swordsmen of the Hyborian Age. He is often listed alongside D'artagnan, King Arthur, Obi-Wan Kenobi,Ogami Itto and Zorro as one of the greatest fictional sword fighters in history. Conan has above normal strength for a human, often lifting immense objects or enemies. Through years of dealing with sorcerers, magicians and witches he has developed a moderate level of resistance to magic and mind control spells. While primarily known for brute strength, Conan later became a master tactician, leading entire armies into battle.

Personality Conan is frequently described as being "grim", or "suffering from great melancholies". In modern times he might be diagnosed as having bipolar disorder or some other form of depression. Less frequently he can be found to be quite mirthful, and occasionally he is prone to fits of rage when in battle. He also exhibits a strong wanderlust.

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