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HAPPY HOGAN: The Freak [bio]

HAPPY HOGAN: The Freak [bio]
"Heck, this is my overjoyed expression! You should see me when I'm really unhappy"

Comic Book History

Happy whose real name is Harold Hogan, is a Marvel Comics supporting character mostly appearing in Iron Man books. He first appeared in Tales of Suspense #45 (September 1963). Stan Lee and Don Heck created the character.

First Appearance

HAPPY HOGAN became a chauffeur and personal assistant of Tony Stark when he saved his life in a car accident.

Happy was a former boxer with a history of losing his fights, it was his sad-faced demeanor in the ring that earned Harold the nickname of 'Happy' Hogan. His most notable opponent was Battlin' Jack Murdock, who is the father of Matt Murdock, Daredevil. Happy retired saying he was getting 'too good at losing'; in fact, his nice guy attitude often cost him when it came to trying to knock out an opponent.

Tony referenced Hogan's career as a Boxer

Happy is not one of the smartest people but he is definitely a very loyal friend.

In one story, a desperately ill Happy is mutated into a giant, savage, nearly mindless, superhumanly strong humanoid known as Freak when doctors tried to cure him using a cobalt ray machine powered by Stark's experimental "Enervator" device. Freak breaks loose and goes on a rampage, escaping before Iron Man can arrive to stop him. However, it will still be Tony Stark who will later restore him to his normal self.

There were a couple of occasions that we see Happy donning an Iron Man suit, Tony allowed him to wear his Protoclassic Armor.

HAPPY HOGAN would later marry Pepper Potts but would later divorce and then remarry again.

During Marvel's "Civil War" Tony Stark was in a considerable moral, political and emotional problems, HAPPY HOGAN continues to give Tony much needed advice. In an important moment of crisis, he says to Tony: "You, my friend, are the only cape in the bunch that's both one of us and one of them. Who else can see both sides the way you do?" On the night of his anniversary with Pepper, the Spymaster attacks Hogan. Spymaster threatens to kill Hogan first, and then Pepper. Angered, Hogan grabs him by the neck and they fall several stories, leaving Hogan in a vegetative coma. While he is in the coma, Pepper speaks to Tony during dinner. Tells him a tale about a former boxing friend of Happy who took too many hits on the head and unable to even feed himself and must be taken care of. Pepper tells Tony that HAPPY HOGAN does not want that.

Happy with Pepper

Iron Man: Armored Adventures
HAPPY HOGAN appears in the series Iron Man: Armored Adventures and was voiced by Alistair Abell. Happy is a tall jock who is a classmate of Tony Stark. He is a fan of Iron Man and thinks he is a cyborg.

In Iron Man and Iron Man 2 HAPPY HOGAN is played by actor Jon Favreau who is also the director of both movies. Like in the comics, Hogan is Tony's chauffer, and showed his skill in boxing.

Note: Due to the nature of comicbooks being an on-going tale, the character's powers along with his appearance, is in a constant state of flux.


HAPPY HOGAN is a former professional boxer. He also has experience in a number of other jobs.

Strength level
Normal human male with intensive regular exercise.

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