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BUCKY: James Buchanan Barnes [bio]

BUCKY: James Buchanan Barnes [bio] "I believe in you, Steve. I believe in Captain America. All that hooey about symbol of liberty, Fighting American, -- even someone like me could fall for it... I guess 'cause we need a Captain America. I need a Captain America.''
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Comic Book History

Who is BUCKY? Former sidekick to Captain America, now trained as a master assassin. James Buchanan "Bucky" Barnes was created by Joe Simon and Jack Kirby as a sidekick character in Captain America Comics #1 (March 1941). After being thought to be dead Bucky made his presence known again in Marvel Universe as the Winter Soldier. For some time he took the mantle of Captain America after Steve Rogers was presumed to be dead.
First Appearance
Bucky is an orphan, the son of a soldier killed in training at a U.S. Army Camp before the United States' entry into World War II. As a result, he is unofficially adopted by the camp as a mascot. Nicknamed "Bucky," he takes to wearing a uniform and becoming savvy with the ins and outs of military life, even though he is a teenager. It was at camp that he meets and befriends Private Steven Rogers. When he stumbled "supposedly" to Steve's secret of being Captain America, Steve made Bucky his sidekick.
Bucky underwent extensive training and was assigned to be Captain America's partner. The military justified putting a 15-year-old in harm's way by using him as a symbol to rally the youth of America.
Captain America and Bucky fight Nazis both at home and abroad, as a duo and as part of the superhero team known as the Invaders.
Barnes also teamed-up with other young heroes in a group called the Young Allies. Additionally, Bucky was the organizer of super-team the Liberty Legion. He was also briefly one of the Kid Commandos at this time.
Bucky served as an advance scout for Captain America and the Invaders, often being assigned tasks that none of the heroes could be seen doing.
In the closing days of World War II, Captain America and Bucky tried stopping the villainous Baron Zemo from destroying an experimental drone plane. Zemo launches the plane with an armed explosive device on it, with the heroes in hot pursuit. They reached the plane just before it takes off. Bucky unsuccessfully tried to defuse the bomb, but it explodes in mid-air before reaching its intended target. He is believed to have been killed in action.
After the plane explodes, a Russian patrol submarine found an unconscious Bucky's whose body fell on the cold freezing water. Now missing an arm, Bucky is revived in Moscow, though, because of the explosion, he suffers brain damage with amnesia.
Soviet Scientists attach a bionic arm, upgrading it every time technology improves. Bucky is now reprogrammed as a Soviet assassin for Department X, hidden under the new code name the Winter Soldier, he is sent on covert wet works missions, becoming increasingly ruthless and efficient as he kills in the name of the state. While a Soviet agent, he also has a brief relationship with The Black Widow.
Bucky would later regain his memory thanks to Captain America, but will be overridden by guilt with his actions as Winter Soldier. He would soon work again with Captain America, and seek employment as a S.H.I.E.L.D. agent.
However, with the assassination of Steve Rogers as Captain America, Bucky was given a difficult choice of continuing his friend's legacy and become a symbol of liberty. With much hesitation, he took the name Captain America but modeled a new outfit saying that he could not wear Steve's uniform because he is not him, but he will honor his memory.
Bucky, the new Captain America had several adventures and had fought with Steve's AVENGER comrades and filled the best he can the void that Steve left amongst its greatest heroes.
Even when the original Captain America, Steve Rogers, was revived (because death is never permanent in comics), he urged Bucky to continue on as his version of the Shield Slinging and Gun wielding Captain America.
Though his tenure as Captain America will then be cut short, in the Fear Itself storyline, where he faces a juiced-up Sin, daughter of the Red Skull, and was mortally wounded. After warning the superhero community about the coming threat, we see Bucky dying again.

Marvel Super Heroes Bucky appears in the Captain America portion of The Marvel Super Heroes
The Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes Bucky also appeared in The Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes, voiced by Scott Menville. In this continuity, Bucky threw Captain America off the rocket before it blew up, believing the world needed Captain America more than he did.
Bucky also made an appearance in kid-centric The Super Hero Squad Show, voiced by Rod Keller. He is seen as a member of the Invaders.
Ultimate AVENGERS A young soldier/photographer named bucky appeared in the Ultimate AVENGERS movie.

Sebastian Stan Sebastian Stan portrays James Barnes in Captain America: The First Avenger feature film. In this version, Bucky is the same age of Rogers and is physically taller than he is prior to Rogers' transformation to Captain America. Bucky, who is also a soldier joined Captain America's unit.


Note: Due to the nature of comicbooks being an on-going tale, the character's powers along with his appearance, is in a constant state of flux.
As a young soldier, he did not have any superhuman powers. When he became Winter Soldier, he acquired a bionic arm, which gave him several abilities. Superhuman Strength: Has some degree of superhuman strength in his bionic arm.
Enhanced Reaction Time: His arm's reaction time is greater than that of any Olympic athlete who has and will ever compete.
Sensory Array: The arm houses different sensors which allow him to pass through security such as metal detectors without setting them off. It can also shield other metallic objects from detection such as firearms and knives. Extended Reach: He can apparently either control his bionic arm even if it has been removed from his body (possibly by cybernetic implants), or his arm can be programmed to perform certain actions on its own while removed from his body. Electrical Discharge: He can discharge bolts of electrical energy from his arm's palm. EMP: He can discharge an EMP rendering electronic devices useless.
Master Martial Artist: Barnes is a dangerously skilled martial artist and hand-to-hand combatant.
Expert Marksman: He is an extremely accurate marksman. Skilled in sharp shooting and knife throwing.
Skilled Shield Fighter: Barnes is becoming proficient with his former partner's shield. He is able to throw it with near perfect aim striking multiple targets in a single throw and achieving a boomerang-like return after throwing it at single person or object.
Skilled Acrobat: He is an Olympic level athlete and acrobat capable of many difficult acrobatic feats.
Peak Human Conditioning: Has shown Olympic to possible near peak human level strength, agility, endurance, dexterity, etc.
Advanced Scout: Barnes is a very gifted scout and adept at stealth and concealment.
Multi-lingual: He is fluent in English, Russian, German, Japanese, and a little French. He might be able to speak other languages. Expert Spy: He is an expert in the field of espionage. He is skilled in stealth, demolitions, survival, deducing other people’s ways of thinking and other fields.
Expert Assassin: Possibly one of the most lethal assassin in the marvel universe. He is a master at stealth and tracking and is very intelligent. Barnes has made a habit out of constantly studying his surroundings and depicting what he can and cannot do in whatever situation.

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