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A WEAPON Plus Program featurette (The program that gave us Captain America and Wolverine)

ELgUaSoN asked this question - "We know WEAPON X(10), but who were the 9 WEAPONs before Wolverine ???'That's my request.I know Captain America is WEAPON I, but who are the rest.?"

What is WEAPON Plus?
It is a government controlled program that creates super soldiers by experimenting on humans, mutants, and finally bred organisms fused with technology to train as WEAPONs.

The idea came from writer Grant Morrison during his run in New X-Men. The program's purpose is the creation of supersoldiers intended to fight the wars of the future, especially a Mutant-Human war. (Other established characters are retconned to be part of this program).

The WEAPON Plus program assigns numerical value as they progresses towards a newer version. The program started with WEAPON 0 which was the basis for Operation Rebirth.

1. WEAPON I (Operation Rebirth)

Captain America: Steve Rogers
Captain America was the first succesful super-soldier of Operation Rebirth, which unknown to Rogers then was part of the WEAPON I program.

Isaiah Bradley
Isaiah Bradley was part of the experiment to try to recreate the success of Operation Rebirth with Captain America. He was part of 300 African-American test group in which he is the only one who survived.

Protocide,Clinton McIntyre, is a failed experiment of this program who was placed in suspended animation and was revived in the modern era by AIM.

There was another individual in this program, the first mutant experiment designated Queen seem to have occurred prior to the serum being tested on Steve Rogers.

The Incredible Hulk movie would include Emil Blonsky in this criteria as he was administered by Thunderbolt Ross a serum from what is stated as a WEAPON I program.

(They should explain in the movies why Tim Roth did not gain Chris Evans body)

Experimented on animals. No known information if there were succesful WEAPONs in this programs.

Experimented on various ethnic minorities. No known data as well for any succesful WEAPONs in this programs.

4. WEAPON VII (Project Homegrown)
This WEAPON Plus program tested on human soldiers during the Vietnam War.

The WEAPON VII program, turned Nuke into a partial cyborg with a subdermal mesh able to deflect bullets, and a second heart that, working in conjunction with some (placebo) pills, controlled his aggression, leaving him addicted as well.

WEAPON VIII use of drugs and hypnosis to trigger assassins/sleeper agents. No agents from this program is undisclosed yet.

Used cybernetics, powered armors and battlesuits.

Guardian : James Hudson
This Alpha Flight leader is part of the WEAPON IX program.

WEAPON X was implemented as a covert government operation by the Canadian government Department K and funded by the U.S. Developed to turn willing and unwilling participants into living WEAPONs.

Most famous of the WEAPON X program operatives. Even used the alias WEAPON X.

Silver Fox
Silver Fox was given an age suppression factor by the WEAPON X Project. In the movies she had Tactic hypnosis, when she touches anyone Silverfox can persuade the person into doing what she wants, this seems more like here mutation rather than coming from the WEAPON Plus program.

Jack was an Australian aboriginal whose mutant powers were telepathy and radar sense, which allowed him to scan his surrounding area. His powers had a side effect where his body became petrified and brittle every time he used them.

The Native was captured by the WEAPON X program. The scientists working there gave her the codename of "Feral". Her powers are advanced healing factor, heightened senses, and serrated bone claws

Aurora joins the ranks of WEAPON X in time for their first mission. Her powers seem to have been considerably modified. By touching an opponent, she is now able to speed u his metabolism. This new ability allows her to make the toughest enemy bite the dust in seconds.

Chamber was offered an invitation to join the WEAPON X program. He accepted. WEAPON X restored his damaged body.

Copycat is such a powerful and precise metamorph that she can duplicate another being down to the cellular level. WEAPON X modified her powers by accelerating the rate at which she could duplicate others.

Deadpool's primary power is an accelerated healing factor, depicted by various artists and writers with varying levels of efficiency. Artificially endowed by the WEAPON X program, this enables him to regenerate any destroyed tissues or organs at a super-human rate as well as making him immune to known diseases and infections. An unanticipated side effect was a rapid acceleration of the cancerous tumors he was suffering from at the time.

Wraith had the ability to seemingly appear and disappear at will, and take others with him. He also had a life-extending serum in his blood, due to his involvement in the WEAPON X program. He liked using "shaped charges," bombs whose blasts are precisely controlled.

She has indestructible skin, strong enough to withstand anything from grenade blasts to adamantium blades. She is also highly skilled in armed and unarmed combat. These abilities were given to her sometime after joining the Facility, an offshoot of the WEAPON X Program.

Marrow was recruited by WEAPON X, who normalized her appearance and her powers.

Agent Zero
North's primary mutant power is an ability to absorb the kinetic energy generated by an impact without harm to himself. Upon accepting his first offer to work for the WEAPON X Program, North is artificially granted a slight healing factor that allows him to recover from mild to moderate injuries much faster than a normal human. Later, he was forced to join the WEAPON X Program again, North's kinetic absorption ability is artificially mutated further. Now, aside from channeling the energy to increase the strength of his physical attacks, North can expel a corrosive enzyme that is secreted from the tips of his fingers via his energy blasts. Aside from its acidic properties, the enzyme is specifically designed by the WEAPON X Program to counteract the effects of an opponent's self-healing capabilities by reversing the process.

When Mesmero joined the WEAPON X program, the Director offered to increase Mesmero's hypnotic powers. Mesmero agreed and gained the ability to control entire crowds with a mere glance.

Reaper's body generates a paralyzing effect from his body. He learned to channel it through scythes and his prosthetics. Due to the WEAPON X program's augmentation, he could morph his hands into scythes.

Sabretooth is recruited by the WEAPON X program, but it is unknown what, if any, enhancements he receives. He does receive the standard WEAPON X memory tampering. Later, he is forced to become a member of a relaunched WEAPON X program, where his skeleton is infused with adamantium once more. Sabretooth reveals that by means of genetic enhancement the WEAPON X program has increased his strength and accelerated his healing factor.

Due to manipulation by the WEAPON X program, Sauron can expel the life force energy in concussive bursts from his hands.

He is a cyber-morph, with augmented healing factor, strength, agility and speed courtesy of the WEAPONs program.

Is a hydromorph able to transform himself into a watery substance. When he joined the WEAPON X project, Washout underwent a process that enhanced his mutant ability to the point where Washout had the ability to transform his body into water, project high pressure jets of water from his arms, shape the water into any form, and even manipulate or siphon off the water within another person's body.

WEAPON X program "fixed" Kane by transforming him into a cyborg, by grafting cybernetic arms in place of his real ones. WEAPON X further enhanced him by adding other bionic appendages which houses various WEAPONs. He now has the ability to see in various spectrums of light, project holograms, and he has a computerized targeting system. His strength was also upgraded and he is now more resistant to damage. He could download super powers such as toxic emissions, metal control, and various other abilities.

The program’s scientist experimented on Wildchild who became more intelligent but more feral-looking.

When he entered the WEAPON X Program, he received upgrades to his mutant abilities and/or appearance like all new operatives. For Wildside, he received techno-organic claws which he could extend and retract from his fingertips.

X -23
Is a female genetic twin of the original WEAPON X project, Wolverine.

No character officially holds this title but it could possibly be this character: The Hound. He is a mutant with the power to hunt and kill other mutants, who was transformed by the Hound Program of the US government into a technorganic killing machine

The Movie X-Men Origins: Wolverine has Wade Wilson as WEAPON XI.


Huntsman, aka Zona Cluster 6, was engineered at "The World", another creation of the WEAPON Plus program designed as an artificial habitat to train and create super soldiers using Sentinel nano-technology as well as artificial aging and forced evolution. Zona Cluster 6's mind is composed of millions of viral nanomachines. He infects anything he touches, using host creatures animals, humans, or mutants as extensions of his own body.


Another creation of "The World", Fantomex, aka Charlie Cluster 7, is another combination of advanced mutant evolution and sentinel nanotechnology.


Stepford Cuckoos
They were created as clones of Emma Frost, and were developed using nanotechnology. Their telepathic abilities are increased when their minds work as a single unit, and their skeletons house computer technology that can continue to function even after the rest of their bodies have been destroyed. It was originally believed that there were only five of them, but it was later revealed that 1000 were created, together being capable of telepathic feats perhaps unmatched by any single mutant.


Ultimaton is a living WEAPON created by WEAPON Plus, the anti-mutant supersoldier program that created Captain America, Wolverine and Fantomex, and was designated by his creators as WEAPON XV. Ultimaton was born and was artificially "evolved" in The World, a man-made environment designed to create super-soldiers using Sentinel technology. Due to the time manipulation capabilities of the World facilities, Ultimaton was several generations more advanced than the preceding living WEAPONs.


is WEAPON XVI a "living religion", a virus that "attacks the faith reserves". People infected by Allgod worship the World, and become fanatically devoted slaves to it.

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That's a lot of WEAPONs! Hey ElGuaSoN I hope you didn't mind that I include the ones beyond WEAPON X.

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