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Comicbookmovie has an interview with new Superman movie director.

Coming in 2011 is an ambitious fan film called Superman: Requiem, and the Superman Homepage -- pretty much the final word in terms of sites devoted solely to the Man of Steel -- has an interview with its director, Gene Fallaize.
What follows is an excerpt from that interview:

Q: What can Superman fans expect from "Superman Requiem"? What will the quality be like?

A: By having such a great cast and crew (from well-known cast members, to visual FX, to costume design, right down the list), I am totally confident that what we will have is something not of 'fan-film' quality, but of true professional-level quality, which is a direct result from having a fully professional cast and crew who are very used to working on multi-million dollar pictures all giving their time and energy into making this film at that same high quality that they're used to working on. The huge benefit for them - and everyone else working on the project - is that they get to work on a 'Superman' movie, which is great for everyone, and the support and dedication from everyone involved has been simply amazing.

The attention to detail we have been striving for on this picture, going as far as the costumes, to ensure they are of the exact same cape fitting and design of those used in the Christopher Reeve movies, and that others (including the Kryptonian costumes) are made of the same material as originally used also. We also have composers Warlock & Bradford composing an entirely new score based on many of the original John Williams themes, but also including entirely new compositions.
Read whole story @ this link:

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