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Director David Slade Meets with Hugh Jackman for Wolverine 2?

In an article spotlighting "30 Days of Nights" director, David Slade had this to say about his potential involvement with the Wolverine sequel: 

As to what's next for Slade, he says Internet reports of him working with Hugh Jackman on an upcoming Wolverine sequel are premature.

"I can say that I've met with Hugh Jackman and he is a very nice fellow, but you never know with these things," the director says. "There are several projects I'm interested in now, and that's one of them."

In addition to starring, Hugh Jackman returns also as a producer on the film, which is why he's being such an active participant in the choosing of directors. 

But no matter who directs, Fox and Jackman seem intent on filming next year for a 2012 release.

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